Christmas Gift Guide: Absolutely No-no List Unleashed

Christmas Gifts: Photo
The holidays are just around the corner. This is the time to consider this year's Christmas gifts. Hopefully, you have prepared the list. And also you can afford a few dollars. Now you are ready to go. There are a lot of gift ideas I have read so far. But I have rarely seen any suggestion regarding gifts you should avoid. So, here are my suggestions. I know it may sound tad screwed, still you should read the No! No! things.

Gift for children
  • Avoid small items for it can lead to choking hazards, if swallowed
  • Avoid items made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Little kids can be exposed to lead contamination
  • Avoid gifts with chemical hazards.
  • Avoid fragile or brittle items. If broken, they will surely receive a blow on the back from guardians for your gift and it may even lead to injuries.
  • Avoid items with sharp edges 
  • Avoid Aon-organic food stuff 
  • Avoid too much candy or chocolates.
Gift for adults
  • Avoid anything that can hurt sentiment of the recipients. 
  • Avoid anything which makes no sense for the recipients. For example, if you want to irritate me, simply send me a new video game. This is absolutely useless. At the best, I can handover the same to someone more interested in gaming. 
  • Avoid something really big - Gone are the days when we had a lot of space. We mostly live in small compartments. So, avoid gifts like a big furniture for your sons and daughters unless they have indicated to buy one for them.
  • Avoid gifts, which need maintenance - A lot of time we consider home appliances as great gift. But you must double check maintenance needs. The free gift may invite a lot of additional burden for the recipient, if he has to invest in maintenance every six months. He will surely be scared of receiving any gift from you in future.
  • Avoid Gift Certificates - Do not consider a gift certificate for someone, who may have difficulties to redeem it.
  • Avoid being repetitive - Just close your eyes and think of the ROLEX Watch Email SPAM. If you continue to dispatch the same coffee mug each year, the recipients may not enjoy that at all. Even if you want to stick to flowers, consider a different design this year. The same is true for greeting cards.
  • Do not consider a puppy - For God's sake, it makes no sense to consider a playful puppy as gift for  someone you love, if she is least interested to take care of this heavenly creature. This will be very painful experience for both.
I hope this absolutely No! No! Christmas gift list will help you to exclude a few junk ideas. Let me know, if you like my No! No! list.


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