Greetings for this weekend and some more great deals for this weekend

Hello! First of all, I would like to thank all of our members for their patience. Something went wrong this week so some of our members just could not add allowed number of deals, fact is that, some of them could not add a single deal! This is really a great loss both ways and I really do not have much words to justify such mistake but only to inform you that the issue has been resolved by our developer team and hopefully it will not lead to further problem. Please feel free to share price saving deals with us. Apology for your inconveniences!

Secondly, has been redesigned based on your feedback. Now it looks more compact and it takes less time to find the great deals. So that must be a positive step towards the success of this project.

Thirdly, there are lots of empty categories, and i find visitors particularly interested to see deals in those categories. We have developed a system to notify the category administrator about such visits, and if you see an empty category - please revisit that page, as our members are most likely to fill up the place with great deals as soon as possible.

And now about deals! I'm requesting our members to focus on Valentine's day and although we are able to create a cheap but impressive Valentine's day gift basket
but i think by the next Monday (1/28) , you will really see that page dazzling with deals to show some love for your Valentine.

Again a reminder, can you recollect that deal from I have checked it and it is really price saving. You can' t expect anything better than this one if you need an Inkjet Printer. A Epson printer plus a digital camera only for $12.99

Obviously we have some for Computer Deals (Desktop/Laptop/Docking Station/External Hard Drive) both brand new and refurbished! So far as my knowledge goes, these deals will expire by this week end (1/28), so check them soon.

For those who need printers, I would again request you to use that Epson deal $12.99 Only! Otherwise, if you want to see some more offers, good news is that I'll update you with some more printer deals by the next Monday.

Till then Happy Weekend!

Epson Stylus Inkjet Printer with Argus Keychain Digital Camera for only $12.99

Can you believe it? But yes! Deals like these are hard to find but yet not impossible. If you need a printer for your home office/ small office you need not look further but to buy this fabulous Epson Printer which comes with a Digital Camera only for $12.99!
These are really limited edition deals, so hurry! Before it expires!
Not clear? Simple! Purchase this printer together with any digital camera & relish a $70 Mail in Rebate!
Click here to get these only for $12.99
Shipping charges extra!

New stores! New Deals! The Mall Looks Busy! Come and explore

It has been a matter of great pleasure for me to see new stores added every other day. I got approval from EagleBit to list their deals, i checked the product line - lots of great deals on computer accessories, and it will take some time to work out truevalue of such offers! However, i was quick to spot out one for you.

Logitech Cordless Desktop Laser Keyboard and Mouse Combo - $30 Off Coupon!
Amazon has lots of interesting deals to offer for you today, most of the offers will expire by the first week of February, so you must be in a real hurry! I like the fact that most of these deals come with Coupon which you must use at the time of check out for getting the real discount.

$50 Instant Rebate on Playseat Game Chairs
Do I need to introduce you with this is versetile product for gamers? discount is really awsome!Also if you are simply annoyed with snowfalls in this winter, this deal must look great for you.
$25 Instant Rebate on Toro Snow Thrower
There are actually many more deals we have added including some exclusive Valentine's day gift for your sweat heart!
So check it out and revisit! More great offers are waiting to be approved!

Bring happiness to your Valentine

Hi Everybody! Valentine's day gift basket is under preparation and our members have picked up some great gifts for your Valentine! Though you can find lot more here!
but here are few gifts that you must like.

Members have take great care to include gifts that will not hit your budget as usual. In one line these are some of the most affordable, adorable and impressive gifts for your Valentine.

e-Shopping - deals, coupon codes and more

Save money while shopping online. Daily listing of lowest price deals, deep discounts, coupon codes, gift ideas and more money saving offers. Search/Share hot deals!

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I'm taking a turn to focus more on Valentine's Day Gifts - OK! Fine! There is still some time midway but I need to prepare my recommendations.

And now comes my Valentine's Day GIFT Collections! Best Price Guaranteed!

  • Besides, I have found one of the best deals of 2008 - If you want to buy an Inkjet printer, do not miss this scope! Tell it to your friends even who are looking for a printer.
Featured Deal - Epson Stylus Inkjet Printer with Argus Keychain Digital Camera for only $12.99 plus shipping

Returning back with NFL Purses

Returned home yesterday after spending two long days in a sea beach to refresh my mind. The journey was full of pleasure! I've made my mind to take up more tours during my weekends henceforth. Back home - i found few pending deals - and some of them again were wonderful. It did not take me too long a time to complete the approval process. My template currently can't accommodate FORM tag, so I 'll have to take the developer's chair within a week or so. Meanwhile I can't accept deals with FORM Tags - sorry - it just becomes a crusher!

Turning on my PC, I found bunches of EMAILS - OH GOD! One mail from Littlearth was interesting. It had lots of input regarding echo-fashion. I'll not enter into details of this latest fashion trend, but in a nutshell, I can say that we all need to be careful in the way we handle nature. Global warming & Green House effect are no more the talk of knowledgeable persons - these are amongst the hot topics in coffee tables. So, while choosing your accessories - take a look at the materials in use! Absolutely no no for materials which are harmful for eco-systems. Littlearth cares for it without compromising with the comfort, quality and fashion! NFL Purses are beautiful & price is justified.
So just check them here.

Silicone breast enhancer - $50

Finally you'll get what you have been looking for so long time - a breast enhancer which looks natural - soft & comfortable. It really makes a big difference in your overall appearance. Smart ladies using it does not seem to have any complaint whatsoever! And it all comes for only $50.00 Only

This Halo II Headband will give you much comfort while riding on a bike, or during tough work out sessions. Wear it under Helmet during a long drive & it absorbs all sweat. 'Fit all' design is just perfect to give you the best comfort. - $12.95 Only

Some great deal from Jewelry Stores & More

Our jewelry store has some fabulous offers - $25 off any order over $100! What more can you expect!

And what about this fashionable Costume Jewelry Set - Marilyn Monroe Rhinestone - $12.77 !

SecondAct Coupons Update!

Good news galore from every corner! SecondAct has just informed us about re-validating their popular coupons for some more time. So, if you have not yet grabbed this opportunity to save up to $100 on TV/Videos - then do it so early. It does not look like a lifetime offer.

SecondAct Coupons!

Besides, our newest member Pramila seems to do some great work in hunting coupons! I would request you to take a look at that page! You will find some great deals there as well.

Lets hunt for some great deals in the health sector

This fitness savvy new-age generation must not have read about any better deals that this one!

A perfect equipment to shape the muscles of your lower part... flat & attractive!

Since you are on your move to take a daily dose of workouts, you must be interested to know what to eat & what not! An excellent guide for you to control your diets..

Some appealing deals - you can hardly ignore

Hello friends.!

You might be aware that our mission is to ensure super-saving shopping experience for you by digging the best deals & coupons of the Internet!...tough job...thanks for the active support of the members, who have spent hours to contribute to the deals you can see now at . I appreciate this is an ongoing process and it'll take some more time to fill all categories. Anyway, I just want to introduce you with some of the great deals submitted recently.

First of all, a grand portable GPS navigator from Garmin, Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx! It is being used widely for Outdoor navigation. The faster receiver works great even in adverse weather conditions! Fitted with built-in microSD card, which is removable, for a detailed mapping memory. The housing is waterproof and rugged and very much safe to carry during outdoor travels. Fact is that it does not require any more introduction as you must have heard of its excellent features already. While going for price comparison, it may not be wrong to say that this is the lowest price I have seen so far for this item. So strongly recommended!

There is also a very interesting deal for outdoor guys - Columbia backpacks! Presently, there is fair amount of discount offer going on. So don't miss out!

For those pretty women, who are rather allergic to sweaters, I have picked up a great looking fashionable V-neck sweater for you. This 100% cashmere made product will give you both warmth and comfort! The V-neck design actually makes you look rather taller! Price is unbelievably cheap considering the quality you get.

I'll definitely get back to you once I find some more great deals.

Till then, bye.

And wow! If you have some great deal, do not forget to share it with us at!

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