Make Your Own Decision, Even For Laptops

It's a woman's world

It's a woman's world - agreed with you - Petula, from caring for kids to their cutest pets; from home making to running home business - women's today have come up to lead from the fore-front in every sphere.

Women's today are more decisive:
And women's today are more decisive - be it a familial matter, or, key business decisions.

And Even for Laptops:
When it comes to business decisions - laptop is something that has always been the point of confusion for a lot of persons. Mostly people either follow a friend's recommendation, or, go by the Ads! But a little effort can be rewarding. Key Points to consider - not in any specific order though - are budget, features, warranty, and, feedback.

Laptops under $300:
I just checked the other day - they are running a sale for this week offering laptops for as low as $300. You may not expect an Intel Core2Duo Laptop at this price point - but the Intel Celeron Models, or, AMD based Laptops that I could locate would ordinarily suffice for making your blog posts, or, for storing/processing business documents. They are mostly covered under one year warranty term plus feedback so far are mostly positive.

Laptops: $400 to $600 Price Point:
Then, if you want to invest more - want to lean on a laptop with fancy features - you can get one. Both and CompUSA feature laptops under $400, $500, and, the Intel Based ones under $600; up to $600 price point - the only feature you would miss probably is the absence of Webcam. Any laptop, I have seen so far, under $600 usually does not have built-in Webcam - so - that might be a point forcing you to spend little more.

Desktop Replacement w/ Webcam under $700:
Nearly a week ago, I found one model at TigerDirect - it has all modern features, plus, that missing Webcam - a quick look at its features: Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 2.4GHz processor, 4GB DDR2 RAM, 320GB HDD, HDMI, Webcam, and, 17" screen - a perfect desktop replacement! No doubt! And priced reasonably low, to the tune of $700 only.
Make your own decision, even for laptops:
Yes! It's a woman's world! And I hope now we are in a position to select the proper laptop model for our home business.

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Photo: fensterbme

Happy Pets Happy Owners

They make each day a big difference - the babies, and our pets! Do you use iGoogle? If so, here is a tip for you - if you are not already aware. There are two gadgets I'm using right now - the daily puppy, and, funny cat photos! Both are cool! Check them.

Now the pets make each day a big difference - and pet owners have all along been trying to give them a royal treat. I visited to look for few gifts for dogs and cats. As such, the budget was limited so I really did not have much option. However, there was a surprise for me waiting at the Pet department of I found a cute dog costume for $6.00 only after a temporary price cut! And they are also offering free shipping on select pet apparels, costumes, and treats. The section looks appealing particularly for dog owners; and there are some royal treats for cats as well.
The free shipping deals will continue through August 15th as of now.
Have a happy Sunday!

They do not know much

They do not know much – clueless about all etiquette! But they are the best communicator – they can break the barrier, there tiny hesitant moves can take anyone to the heaven – and when they smile, it creates a heaven in the earth!

The Smile, an everlasting smile, is the gift you can offer anyone. Gift all of them, whom you meet – daily, at your workplace, your neighbors, friends for sure – virtually anybody.

The return gift is a more pleasant, a rejuvenating smile.

Smile melts the ice, breaks the barrier – a full-hearted smile has immense power. One of my senior colleagues, when we first met, told me – “I just can’t laugh anymore after he had passed away!” It is sad – someone so special is no more with her. But she had to move on – for the sake of her daughters, the elder one had just completed graduation, and, the younger one was still reading at school. Since then, the things had started to change for her. And now, on the verge of her retirement, she has understood there are still few reasons left for her to smile.

Babies are so special – we say. They have their own medicines to cure you of all disorders! And it’s their smile. I can feel the different when I look at my 4+ something niece. Moms’, please do not disagree – you just can’t leave without him/her anymore. Nobody can live without them. They are so special – because they will offer you something, which nobody else can offer – a wonder smile! Pleasant! Innocent! And divine!

I have a plan to celebrate my niece’s the 5th birthday. It will be something very special for her, and, for us too. She is growing up – and we hope, another responsible citizen is growing up, and helping us to carry on our business, our day-to-day schedules! And often time, she has been the energy radiant.

5th Birthday will be something special for her - something special for me as well. I’m checking websites on birthday party ideas, favors, and what not. I just can’t afford to make any mistake.

We all do so because we might just want to give them their unclaimed return gifts for their unique gifts for all of us, which make our each day a big difference – their smiles!

Just planning for the ceremony.

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It’s a very strong emotion, it’s an emotion invoked by memories – memories of the past, might be a far away happenings, might just get faded off with layers of dust patch - the time! Might be that first date, graduation, or matrimony! It might involve events, which spanned for few days, may be few hours, or just few minutes! Sweet or bitter – this strong emotion is the only treasure in you cart, which nobody else can take away! Nobody! Absolutely none!

And the mementos too! Mementos are likely to be there forever – always live in the memories of the givers, and, under the safe custody of the receivers! That’s the goal of mementos; it kindles memories – the photos in your album, an ordinary pen, or sundry other stuff, which might not have any material value in this utilitarian world – but might bear a very special meaning for those, who can relate.

In early days – these were simply remembrances lacking any luxury, or, show-off factor. But things have changed a lot! And it is now those golden, or, diamonds jewelries; or fancy electronics gadgets; which have completely dispossessed those simple and intimate mementos like papers, wood, or, tin.

Gift guides have changed a lot! And so is this human society! But the emotions and values associated with any memento will always be the same.

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Sizzling Summer

The sizzling summer, the sea beach, and you! May be with your friends, or, family, or just you. In our tour, I used to spend more time with my family but I also took time to pamper self all alone under a sky, which is so vast, for a while - and the sea - its endless dimension, and the marooned beach with barely any human footstep - a heavenly ambit!

Now the sizzling summer deal, and, there's a lot but the one from has a remarkable response so far, featuring 30% off Suncare.
I hope you will find yourself sometime to have a refreshing beach day, and I hope our suncare deals will be useful for you.

Happy Bargains!

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Days in a Golden Beach

Greetings from! I guess some of you might have thought to spend outdoors inside the dome tent this weekend lighting a fire when the Sun goes down with marshmallows roasting over the open flames, and, with campfire songs playing in the background!

Unfortunately, right now, I do not have any travel plan - I would rather recall the moments I spent few weeks ago, pampering myself in a golden beach - toying with tides, screaming, jumping, rejuvenating, and, finally just lying on the wet sands with the Sun atop for moments uncountable! Joys unbound!

And for a perfect vacation time feeling, you might just like to consider a carefree swimsuit with cool colors and floral patterns.

Needless to say swimsuit prices are up during this time of the year reaching its peak. Why did not you get one during off season discounts? My recommendation - take a look at the closeouts - you might just get one of your favorite at an amazingly low price.

Happy Bargains!

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Indoor, or, Outdoor Summer Has its Own Charm

Last week, it was Pool Time, which broke the silence with an inspiring comment from blogall. Thanks. Incidentally, @shoemoney spent an awesome day for a pool party, this yfrogTwit looks cool, and, my twitfried, Brent Ozar, is right now at North Manitou surrounded by dozens of sailboats! Summer is the season for travel.

And for those, who just can't afford an outdoor vacation, spafinder, has an alternative - they call it spa-cation! It's a cool idea!

And those in outdoors, if you want to feel just like home even inside a Tent, here is the one from Kmart. This Northwest make Dome Tent is good for 2-3 persons, and it has added shoe pockets, polyethylene mud mat, and a carry bag. It would cost you around $30, but now until 7/25, sale price is only $25, with this $5 instant rebate.

So, indoor, or, outdoor summer has its own charm.

Happy Bargains!

Next Class Laptops

Next Class Laptops? - Oh! Sure! It will follow soon. But...

Please READ on:


The cooler vest, (more on pets next Sunday) was an eye-opener. I do a lot what@Shoemoney says, at least that's what i try to follow.


Over the past few months it was only coupons - few people loved it! But there were ups & downs in the feed burner stats, which suggests - oh! we know! u have a tank fully loaded with coupons, but, let us move on.

So, a make over! This make over - topics will vary as per our schedule (in the right pane)! But there will be less coupons, and some more talks.

The stuff in my daily use, or the stuff I'm curious about, or need to learn. Obviously, this will not override our mission! Our mission to fetch the least priced deal on ANY item TOGETHER. So, whatever you will find where, it is more likely to have a price advantage.
That's it.

I'll watch out the feed burner stats, if remained steady - I'll continue! Otherwise, I'll step back.


Now back to topic - given any other Monday, I would share a new laptop model - mostly under $500, or, $600! But this is not a laptop model but rather a laptop concept, the Next Class Laptop - a concept engineered by BestBuy! The underlying concept is interesting - give them what they want, and not what you have. BestBuy conducted a survey on college students. I presume, they must have done the sampling well. Topic was - 'the laptop they need' - it's design, computational speed, fancy getup, sizes, battery life - various parameters were considered. In their official website, they have quoted some feedback: "I want a laptop with longer battery life" etc. etc.
I just wonder with confident replies - it looks like the Next Gen is well aware of their choices - they told what would be the most convenient for them. They told not to make it a fancy item. It should be aesthetically pleasant, but must be durable. The college students seem to be more concerned with battery life. They wanted to have a battery, which should not require a recharge in between classes.
Now what BestBuy has re engineered in collaboration with laptop bullies like HP, Sony, Dell, and Toshiba is something like:
A model with 14" - 15" screen (fits in a backpack); state of the art computational speed; powerful battery, legitimate storage capacity enough for college students, stylish in design, pre-loaded with essential software like Office packages and Antivirus. And on top of everything the models are budget friendly, plus, there is the dependable deferred payment facilities at BestBuy. You can check BestBuy forum and other places in the Internet - feedback so far? - Um mm... looks sound.

Recommended models:

Dell Studio 1440-022B
HP Pavilion DV4-1465DX
Sony VGN-NW125J/T
Toshiba Satellite M505-S4940

Don't just get us wrong.
You'll still find best coupon updates in our Tweets @fancyshoppe
And for ANY/ALL coupons, please visit,

Happy Bargains!
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For more details:

About BestBuy
BestBuy has Computers, Laptops, Televisions, DVD players, Home Audio, Car Audio, Digital Cameras, Music, Movies, Software, Video Games and more.

Cooler Vest

It was my TWEET! She is IMPOSSIBLE! She means Kelly Josling, the owner of Fetch bouquet, has an event to share and talk about each WEEKEND. No deal - no business - it's simply her passion that has been the propelling force for fetch dog over the past seven years or so. It is her passion that gave birth to Fetch bouquet, a store, which gratifies your dog's every needs - apparels, collars, toys, and even the agility gears.

Besides, regular events at FetchDog allow dogs and owners to socialize... a big carnival for everyone.

In their this week's deal you will find this vest - and a quote as written in their website, "When it’s hot, a long tongue and a wet nose can only do so much. With one simple soak, this high-tech three-layer canine vest stores cooling water, pulls heat away from your dog, and accelerates evaporation for maximum comfort. "

This innovative design has received more positive feedback than the negative ones, and suggested for desert/furry dogs by long time pet owners.

Happy Bargains!


Happy Bargains.

Studio Basics

I hope you are not confused! The invitation card is a SAMPLE! Yes! It is just a SAMPLE! There are more like this invitation card at Tiny Prints. The photo does not reflect - but it has a glossy finish giving it a distinct look & feel. They call it 'Studio Basics' priced 59 cents each - looks like a PROFIT deal as most of the cards at Tiny Prints start from $1 & up each.

Remember! Remember! Remember!

Personalize the card! You can click on any photo or text boxes to edit when you personalize the card.

And some thing more - you can order as low as 10 cards only.

And something more - pick a coupon for Tiny Print here (5% off ALL orders, or $10 off $99), search for 'Studio Basics', and apply the coupon to reduce the sale price further.

Happy Bargains!

Just In!!! Mario Badescu Coupon! Come Back Deal from Sierra, & $$$ off @Drugstore

  • FREE Gift With Purchase at Mario Badescu Skin Care! (Just ENTER the PROMO code at checkout, pick up your three favorite free samples. Just in! Valid Thru Sunday! Click here to get the code.)
  • Sierra Trading Post - 20% off $100 or more! (Sierra comes back after a BREAK, 20% off $100+ orders, valid Thru 7/31.)
  • $$$ off from - 30% off Suncare, $15 off Gillette products, 40% off flea & tick, and more!
Happy bargains!

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Sears! It's Sears! Ending on 7/18

This deal at Sears drew my attention - jewelry deal! 40% off on Regular Price, plus EXTRA 10% off w/ a SPECIAL coupon code! The code is "CLEARANCE"! But the code will be ending soon, on, 7/18!

Check it out, & other WILL REMAIN ACTIVE coupons here!

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Caribbean Sands® Tankini, now $49.00, plus, EXTRA 10% Off! w/ Coupon Code 10off! And Kmart - just started FOLLOWING them. And picked up this coupon: SHOES10P for 10% discount on ALL shoes.

Happy Bargains!

Clothing & Shoes: DEALS (12)
1.Offer: Patagonia Sale - Up to 30% off
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Pool Time!

Relax! Relax! Relax! Relax in the sun with your kids! It's summer! It's Pool TIME! Relax with this inflatable family pool! And this inflatable family pool comes from Summer Escapes(r). It's craft with 3 air chambers and includes a double valve intake and a free-flow exhaust valve. Dimension: 120-in x 72-in. Now ( $29.99 (40% off), plus $15.84 shipping charge. Total: $45.83! ( offers FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75 for products under this category!)

And just want to SKIP paying shipping charges? offers FREE Shipping on SELECT Home Décor.

Happy Bargains!

Home Furnishings & Decoration: DEALS (15)
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SIX Laptops under $600

In ALL there are HALF-A-Dozen LAPTOPS! All BRAND New & each under $600! TigerDirect has CLUBBED them together. These are mostly AMD based but there is ONE INTEL based model as well. These laptops come with 3Gb - 4GB DDR2 Memory, 1.6GHz - 2.1GHz processor speed, and 14.4" - 16" LCD TFT display. I have checked - reviews are mostly positive for these models! Plus, TigerDirect features EASY EMI! I have manually prepared a comparative chart like thing - just the model, its MAKE (HP/Acer/Gateway etc.), Processor Speed, Memory & HDD! I hope this chart like thing will help in QUICK comparison! Again these are ALL handpicked & entered manually. Check them here!

Happy Bargains!

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40% Advantage! 40% Frontline! 40% Program!

Advantage, Program, or Frontline for your pets - now when it comes from - you will get up to 40% discount until 7/30. Frontline, Advantage, or Program - it's your choice. I mean you need to lean on what works the best for controlling flea & tick of your dog, or cat. And there is to take care of your budget. takes off up to 40% retail price PLUS everyday FREE shipping. Oops! Just do not rush at! There's a coupon for NEW customers, just click the link 'New Customers COUPON' here to receive EXTRA $5 - $10 off!

There's one herbal product as well - Defendex - doing the same job for your pet without side effect! It comes from Vetionx! Check it out.
Happy Bargains!

Murano Glass Work

Today Only (Exp. 7/10)! Get this Handmade Pendant at SZUL for $28 SHIPPED! This is a heart-shaped pendant - a Murano Glass Work, which is hand blown in Italy and infused with pure Platinum. This has 18" silk cord. No coupon needed.

Next, COUPON Code: "AFFEBL" takes off 10% on ALL Ebel Luxury Watches at TheWatchery until 7/31.

Happy Bargains!

Jewelry & Watches: DEALS (7)
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Supre Tan Smart

HALF A DOZEN BEAUTY DEALS! Includes Supre, Body Drench, Elite Tan at 50% - 70% off retail, plus, 5% off w/ coupon "tanning5" at WorldClassNutrition; as such, there are FOUR different codes including one free shipping coupon valid thru 7/31 at WorldClassNutrition - check them all here!

Happy Bargains!

Mix and Match

SEPARATES10! The coupon takes EXTRA 10% off Mix and Match Separates at; worry not - this is not a stock CLEARANCE sale! These are all brand new PLUS SIZE swimsuit Separates! Dries Quickly & Good fit! More colors are available. Also, customer ratings and reviews will help you in your decision making process. This 'Made in USA' Polyester Sheer Cover Up Sarong is one of the top rated items, which qualify for 10% EXTRA discount w/ this coupon. The code is to expire on the July 31st.

Happy Bargains!

Clothing & Shoes: DEALS (25)
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