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This gray titanium make bracelet for Men's is 0.4 inches (10mm) width and 8 inches long and it ships for FREE from Amazon. Not a bad deal. What you say?

Also has has announced some great coupons. I did not like the FREE Shipping one, as the store already has this offer. But $50 Off coupon on Black Diamond Pendant and this 20% Off coupon on Black Diamond Earrings, plus $50 Off coupon on Black Diamond Ring seems to worth. I would like to share some photos of those jewelries, and was sure to hear some 'WOW!' response, but for some technical problem, I could not. Anyway, stay tuned, and suggest deals. It is your recommendations that will make this project a success.

Hoop Earring Set and more!

Now you can find Destiny Gifts and Gadgets Deals at Also eBags has launched a special promotion drive of up to 70% off. Big discount is now available on this travel . This offer is valid up to 2/29. Also you can find a Goldlantern MP3 watch w/ headset here.

Our Mall is getting busy day by day, and hopefully stand up to fulfill your demands for best deals.

... and missed you a lot!

Sorry my fellow bloggers, some urgent script changes kept me confined within my Lab. for last few days, and I really missed you a lot. Good news is that issues have been resolved and you can check the new look here! Also form for suggesting deals have been modified. It will obviously help you to suggest deals faster, and it will also help me to approve suggested deals faster as the new script will do a lot of pre-check on my behalf. If you find any bug, or think it needs improvement, please feel free to share it with me.

And why was it necessary?

Based on the responses and best wishes notes I've received from different people, I am very optimistic about the future of this project and these are my silent preparations to meet up upcoming surges. Someone has recently remarked FANCY-SHOPPE as the future of online shopping! Such inputs inspire me to get more involved with this project.

Meanwhile, I would like to draw your attention to these deals.
1. Epson Stylus Inkjet Printer w/ Digital printer for $12.99 only
This is valid up to March 2008.
And a rather short lived deal # 2. A Palm® Z22 for FREE w/ PALM TX handheld!
valid up to 2/29!
PLUS a tricky deal, for someone interested to buy both Palm® Centro™ smartphone w/ plan/activation at the Palm Store!
With the promise to give you more frequent inputs, bye.

Round Butcher Block Wine Cart

Round Butcher Block Wine Cart

The round sexy curves, fine finish w/ well organised storage structure has made this showpiece furniture unique! To know more about this deal, visit this page!

Featured Webkinz for the week

Hello! I just missed you all for quite sometime for I was heavily engaged in designing a new skin for
Probably, our members are still not out from Valentine's DAY mood! Anyway, deals are pouring into our database, though little bit sluggishly, but I hope to reach out more people so as to give this project a TOTALITY.

Now I've a cute PET bunny for you! Hope you 'll love to adore it!


Wish our shoppers, members and readers of our blog happy and joyful Valentine's Day!

For him in this Valentine's Day

How about this manly/stylish David yurman cable band ring for him in this Valentine's day? Price is just reasonable to fit any size budget. Bonus savings for all USA Orders + more. Check the complete offer here!

Tiffany Inspired

This Tiffany Inspired collection of jewelry is something very special for your Valentine. Looks both gorgeous and lovable, it comes wrapped in a free gift pack w/ gift message . Ships free for USA orders within 14th Feb.

Check it here!

And exploring our select Valentine's Day Collections, check it our here!

Any idea/deal perfect for this occasion? Come on, let's share it with us!

Amazon Coupons, Valentine's Day Gift & More

Hello everybody, just to remind you that i have added few more coupons that you will love from Amazon Groceries... savings guaranteed! Check it here.

Besides Valentine's day is upon us and now i have made a list of hand picked jewelry - made of Silver, or 14K white Gold w/ sparkling Diamonds. You can buy this gifts for your sweetheart. Interesting is that a lot of the items will be shipped for FREE and price is reasonable. Check my collections.

Microsoft K51-00141 Desktop kit

Now you will get this fabulous wireless keyboard+mouse combo pack for

$29.99 Only

+ $10 Shipping!
This offer will expire on 2/15

Click here to see the details of this deal!

Valentine's Day Gift - Free Shipping Offers and More

If you are looking for some great Valentine's Day gift, I am happy to say that our members have shown great enthusiasm in finding some great deals for you today.

First of all, handbags for ladies are always most sought after item to say the least, and now you can check some offers from Sk1442 (Strange Name!) on designer handbags. Offers include free shipping for this very special occasion.

You can also check these items, which must be great for Valentine's day gift - Sparkling Diamond/Pink Sapphire ring and a combo offer - free shipping plus 20% Off on Diamond Jewelry!

These deals will expire soon, so hurry up, if you want to save some money and at the same time impress your Valentine.

$16.9 billion spent on Valentines Day

Yah! According to the National Retail Federation it was an amazing $16.9 billion which was spent on last year's Valentines Day. The survey indicated that 63.4% of consumers planned to celebrate the holiday, with the average male spending $156.22 on his loved ones, and the average female spending $85.08. Popular gifts included cards, candy and flowers. Besides Jewelry are great way to bring happiness in any relationship.

So, I would request our members to focus on Valentine's day gifts for the time being.

Good luck.

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CyberLink - Price Saving Coupons

Oh! It was really a great pleasure to see in a new look. I appreciate your patience but i could not help. It relates to some changes in CSS, some more modules to add 'About Them' section in members module, changes in the way we would process rating requests etc...
I planned for these changes nearly a week ago but it took some time to implement these changes.
I would request you to offer your suggestion regarding looks and feels of 'our' website.

Meanwhile, I'll request you to take a look at this page
If you follow the link, you will find bunch of coupons offering savings up to 30% from CyberLink!

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