Christmas Gift Guide: Absolutely No-no List Unleashed

Christmas Gifts: Photo
The holidays are just around the corner. This is the time to consider this year's Christmas gifts. Hopefully, you have prepared the list. And also you can afford a few dollars. Now you are ready to go. There are a lot of gift ideas I have read so far. But I have rarely seen any suggestion regarding gifts you should avoid. So, here are my suggestions. I know it may sound tad screwed, still you should read the No! No! things.

Gift for children
  • Avoid small items for it can lead to choking hazards, if swallowed
  • Avoid items made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Little kids can be exposed to lead contamination
  • Avoid gifts with chemical hazards.
  • Avoid fragile or brittle items. If broken, they will surely receive a blow on the back from guardians for your gift and it may even lead to injuries.
  • Avoid items with sharp edges 
  • Avoid Aon-organic food stuff 
  • Avoid too much candy or chocolates.
Gift for adults
  • Avoid anything that can hurt sentiment of the recipients. 
  • Avoid anything which makes no sense for the recipients. For example, if you want to irritate me, simply send me a new video game. This is absolutely useless. At the best, I can handover the same to someone more interested in gaming. 
  • Avoid something really big - Gone are the days when we had a lot of space. We mostly live in small compartments. So, avoid gifts like a big furniture for your sons and daughters unless they have indicated to buy one for them.
  • Avoid gifts, which need maintenance - A lot of time we consider home appliances as great gift. But you must double check maintenance needs. The free gift may invite a lot of additional burden for the recipient, if he has to invest in maintenance every six months. He will surely be scared of receiving any gift from you in future.
  • Avoid Gift Certificates - Do not consider a gift certificate for someone, who may have difficulties to redeem it.
  • Avoid being repetitive - Just close your eyes and think of the ROLEX Watch Email SPAM. If you continue to dispatch the same coffee mug each year, the recipients may not enjoy that at all. Even if you want to stick to flowers, consider a different design this year. The same is true for greeting cards.
  • Do not consider a puppy - For God's sake, it makes no sense to consider a playful puppy as gift for  someone you love, if she is least interested to take care of this heavenly creature. This will be very painful experience for both.
I hope this absolutely No! No! Christmas gift list will help you to exclude a few junk ideas. Let me know, if you like my No! No! list.


Christmas Gift? Budget Crash? More Legit Funding Ideas!

Christmas shopping
Christmas shopping is kicking up. We need to purchase gifts, essential products for home improvements and just might like to invest in developing a few assets as well. So, here go a few quick ideas to save on Christmas shopping - use Christmas coupons.

Christmas Coupons
These are the coupon codes released by numerous online retailers to attract new customers as well as satisfy the existing customers. The things you can find are Christmas decoration coupons, Christmas gift coupons, Christmas tree coupons, Christmas carol coupons, Christmas greeting card coupons, plus, coupons on apparels, accessories, video games, jewelries, and even some cute savings for pet essentials.

Big Ticket Bargains
I can not officially warrant exact amount of savings as it definitely fluctuates a lot. But you can expect a 10% - 50% savings on your orders plus extra savings on shipping charges. Particularly jewelry stores are offering insane bargains this Christmas. So, have a look at your favorite jewelry store, in case you have plan to consider a real investment.

There are great bargains on big ticket items as well. Like HDTVs from will continue to feature discounts; BestBuy laptops will also exhibit a price cut. Home appliances and fitness equipments like treadmills will be featured at a discount rate as well. Market is really tough - not only for us but also for the sellers. Luring prices are the last weapon they have to attract and keep customers spending. Take advantage of it.

Well a lot of time we may run short of cash flow. Then also you have options like BillMeLater service to defer your  payment for a few months. This service has been trusted by a lot of my friends. They are the best in the lot.

Christmas Shopping: I need money! I need money!
I understand you need money for Christmas gift purchase, for home improvement, for emergency repairing, for buying winter garments, and what not. I hope Santa will favor you as well on that big day. For the time being, take a look at websites like Lending Club, CashNetUSA for some immediate cash relief. The processing does not take years. But be sure to make your own repayment plan. If you don't have a solid repayment option - better not to lend money anymore.

But I have to consider Christmas Gifts...
These are a few of the cheap and chic Christmas gift ideas. Check them out. If you need more, search for $1 - $5 gift ideas suing Google. Forget not - online websites still offer a lot of stuff for nearly throwaway prices. These offers include fashion accessories, costume jewelries, cheap figurines, totes, etc. Shipping is free on bulk purchase. So, a $50 - $100 budget can help you accumulate bagful of gifts for this Christmas.

And do not forget about Christmas coupons:
As I have started earlier, use Christmas coupons to bring down the prices within your reach. Explore DEALS on big ticket items! For more savings, visit coupon websites,  visit blogs via Google,  ask your questions on Yahoo! Answers, follow twits, and prepare your spreadsheet! Have a wonderful Christmas without taxing up your credit card anymore.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2010: Cheap & Chic

Are you scared?
Are you scared that buying Christmas gifts will burn a hole in your pocket this year? There are ideas, which can transform inexpensive stuff into awesome gifts. There are a lot of great online resources, which you can read for gift ideas. Articles like the top ten cheap and impressive Christmas gift ideas and cheap gift ideas for Christmas 2010 will definitely help you to find gifts within $5 - $20 budget limit. There are plenty of blogs featuring ideas. For example, you will be amazed to know how camera pouch can create Christmas gift idea within $15 budget limit only.

Combat Christmas Price Rise:
During the pick season the base price and shipping rates on Christmas orders are likely to climb up. So start it early. Moreover, do checkout Christmas coupons to find more ways to save on your gift orders.

Are you prepared for Christmas?
Wow! I just want to remind you once more. Did you create your address book for this year's recipients? If not done so already, create the list right now. The list should include name, email address, phone number and mailing address. Consider sending gift cards and certificates by email to pay less on shipping and spend more on gift orders.

The LAST year... 
Well we should start planning for Christmas spending much earlier - at the least six months before the Christmas. We need to save a fraction of our monthly income to get the cash in hand just before Christmas. But a lot of us simply ignore the importance of saving money. If you don't have enough money in hand, you can consider taking help from financial services to make emergency arrangements. BUT take an oath. This must be the last year that you will pay later. Start saving money soon after Christmas!

In this jet-age it does not take too long to reach another Christmas. But by that time, you will have enough FUND to buy gifts of your choice. And for this year, start shopping early, may be, right after reading this post. Checkout Christmas coupons for ongoing deals and exclusive offers.

Halloween Costumes, Wigs & More

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Best of luck!

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Follow Handbag Heaven, Handbags & Purses from $15 + Free Shipping + $15 / $20 Off

Handbag Heaven

A quick update! When Jennifer Lowder contacted me to tell our readers about the wonderful handbags & purses at Handbag Heaven, I was bit skeptical. The store was not known to me. So far, I have mostly kept my interest/attention limited within,, and some other big stores for handbags.

Handbags $15
So, I floated a bunch of queries and now I feel this store is budget friendly with prices starting from only $15.00 and up to a maximum of $75.00.

Free Shipping + $15/ $20 Off Instant + 30-day Return
Plus, all orders over $50.00 will be eligible for free shipping w/o any code. And there are coupon codes to save up to $20 instant. Therefore, you can enter these promo codes to save more. And if you are unsatisfied for any reason, they have a 30-day hassle free return policy.

For details of these deals, consider taking a casual visit at Handbag Heaven Coupon Page!
And to see their inventory, please visit Handbag Heaven direct.

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Costume Lenses for Halloween at VisionDirect, Save 15% + Free Shipping

Halloween Lenses

Hi everybody, I'm skipping beauty deals for this week and sharing with you a code to save on The Costume lenses for Halloween.

A $5.24 Saving! Instant!
I posted this deal nearly a week ago. And the deal is still going on at VisionDirect. I tried the code on "FUN VAMPIRE RED lens"!

Regular Price: $34.99 (1 lens per Vial).

Then I applied the coupon code at Shopping Basket. It worked perfectly.

Price After 15% discount: $29.74

Total Savings: $5.24

The Coupon
Sorry! Just forget to tell you the code. The perfect coupon code is "SCARY15" to be applied at cart.

Plus Free Shipping
There's a free shipping deal from VisionDirect! Orders over $99 will be shipped for free w/o any coupon. So, you can combine 15% coupon code with free shipping to save even more.

Prescription Required! A valid prescription for this lens is required to order. The item(s) will be shipped after approval of the prescription.

And Something More To Say
These lenses are ideal for theatrical production, movie production, parties, Halloween, or just to make an impact.

Happy Shopping!

Fashion Savings Pass for Everyone at, Save 15% on Regular, Sale and Clearance

Few more days left! And only in the USA! And it comes from! A flat 15% OFF everything with coupon code APPARELPASS15 until 9/26. The code applies on apparels, footwear, and accessories.

Case Study
To save the maximum (or to rip off this time I started with the clearance section. Newborn dresses are always so cute. I could see over four hundred designs. It was difficult to choose any one. Okay! I went with a short sleeve newborn tee. Regular price was $14.00 each. This is overrated. But the clearance price was only $3.99. I checked the special offer. Nope! There was none.
But I had a coupon code. The code is "APPARELPASS15". I added the tee to my cart. The price was still $3.99 + $6.25 shipping, total $10.24! Hmmm.

Then I entered the coupon code and clicked apply button. And I got $0.60 instant rebate. So, the code worked.

Now, price before coupon: $3.99
Less Coupon - Extra 15% Off Apparel.. Footwear.. and Accessories: $0.60
Final Price w/ coupon: $3.39
+ Shipping: $6.5 (Appx.)
Pre-tax Total: $9.64
Savings: $0.60

ShipVantage: Free Ground Shipping for one FULL Year
Plus, has a ShipVantage program (one time $79 payment required) for free ground shipping, or, only $0.99 for 2-day shipping on qualified orders for a full year, i.e., less than $7.00 shipping charge per month! That' s good if you are a committed shopper.

You can also try for Pick up at your closest store to save on shipping bills. In this case I was not fortunate. This tee was not in-stock. So, it is better to check the stock position in your local store before opting for this.

Okay! This $0.60 savings may not look attractive. But when you consider order total over $100, a 15% savings coupon means $15 instant savings, which looks like a profitable bargain for all of us.

Happy Shopping!

SAVE up to $75! Rebates on GE Range or Dishwasher at AJ Madison

After a vacation

Welcome friend! I was out on a vacation. The tour was great! We all enjoyed every moment of it. But I missed you all a lot. And now it's time to share today's DEAL with you.

Top Deal
This time it comes from AJ Madison. When I first examined the report I could see half-a-dozen of new deals from AJ Madison posted meanwhile. However, this one, up to $75 rebate on GE Range or Dishwasher has to be my top pick. This is a mail-in rebate. And so, you need to download and fill up the rebate form after making a purchase.

Case Study
As such, there are lots of models. But I just examined one particular model: GE GLD6904R Dishwasher. Regular: $519.99, after $35.00 GE Fall Sale-A-Bration Mail-in Rebate (exp. 11.08.09), $484.99; further you can combine a second rebate - GE September MVP Rebates (Exp. 9.30) - to receive a further $50.00 discount. So, final price: $434.99 only after $85 in rebates.
Overall, you can save up to $75 on GE Range or Dishwasher simply by using easy-to-fill rebate forms.

Once again, these rebates may be combined. Do not forget to download and mail in the rebate form by the respective closing date.

Happy Shopping!

Buy One, Get One 50% Off + Clearance Shoe Sale at Kmart + Free Shipping on $60+ Order

Kmart Shoes Promotions
Three promotions from Kmart on shoes are worth a mention! The best part, all three can be combined to save the maximum. There is no need to use a coupon code. All these promotions apply automatically at check out.

3-Way Savings
First one looks pretty straighforward: additional 50% off clearance sale!

The second one, Buy One, Get One 50% off. Hmmm.

And the third one is free shipping on $60 or more orders.

Once again, all three can be combined together.

Case Study
Let's appy our 3-way savings formula on Attention Nanda, wonderful women's pump! Regular Price: $22.00, Clearance: $5.25, this is less than 25% of regualr price. Add two pairs to your cart. Your order total: $10.50, now with the Promotion, Buy one pair of shoes and get the 2nd Pair for 50% off, you will receive $2.63 instant rebate, which is 50% off the second pair. So, you are paying only $7.87 for two pairs + $6.25 standard shipping, total $14.12 only, i.e, $2.63 total savings.

I have checked Kmart and there are lots of other designs (Wrangler Jeans Shoes, Protege, Route 66, etc. etc.), which also qualify for all these three promotions.

And free shipping on minimum $60 purchase applies storewide at Kmart until 9/19 (as per their latest update). So, any order total over $60 will qualify for free shipping.

Fine Prints
Fine print: The second pair must be of equal or lesser value. Only applies to items Sold by Kmart.
Free shipping offer applies to orders under 150 lbs.

Happy Shopping!

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