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A quick update! When Jennifer Lowder contacted me to tell our readers about the wonderful handbags & purses at Handbag Heaven, I was bit skeptical. The store was not known to me. So far, I have mostly kept my interest/attention limited within,, and some other big stores for handbags.

Handbags $15
So, I floated a bunch of queries and now I feel this store is budget friendly with prices starting from only $15.00 and up to a maximum of $75.00.

Free Shipping + $15/ $20 Off Instant + 30-day Return
Plus, all orders over $50.00 will be eligible for free shipping w/o any code. And there are coupon codes to save up to $20 instant. Therefore, you can enter these promo codes to save more. And if you are unsatisfied for any reason, they have a 30-day hassle free return policy.

For details of these deals, consider taking a casual visit at Handbag Heaven Coupon Page!
And to see their inventory, please visit Handbag Heaven direct.

Happy Shopping!


Ailurophile said...

Very beautiful indeed. Hope all has been well. Look forward to see you blogging again :)

Fashion Sunglasses said...

Hey, I couldnt find a contact button. Could you email me?



(interested in providing samples and a coupon code)

Nina said...

very nice blog! :)

Louis Vuitton said...

I love your blog. :)

SLColman said...

What an awesome site! I love affordable purses!

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