Greetings for this weekend and some more great deals for this weekend

Hello! First of all, I would like to thank all of our members for their patience. Something went wrong this week so some of our members just could not add allowed number of deals, fact is that, some of them could not add a single deal! This is really a great loss both ways and I really do not have much words to justify such mistake but only to inform you that the issue has been resolved by our developer team and hopefully it will not lead to further problem. Please feel free to share price saving deals with us. Apology for your inconveniences!

Secondly, has been redesigned based on your feedback. Now it looks more compact and it takes less time to find the great deals. So that must be a positive step towards the success of this project.

Thirdly, there are lots of empty categories, and i find visitors particularly interested to see deals in those categories. We have developed a system to notify the category administrator about such visits, and if you see an empty category - please revisit that page, as our members are most likely to fill up the place with great deals as soon as possible.

And now about deals! I'm requesting our members to focus on Valentine's day and although we are able to create a cheap but impressive Valentine's day gift basket
but i think by the next Monday (1/28) , you will really see that page dazzling with deals to show some love for your Valentine.

Again a reminder, can you recollect that deal from I have checked it and it is really price saving. You can' t expect anything better than this one if you need an Inkjet Printer. A Epson printer plus a digital camera only for $12.99

Obviously we have some for Computer Deals (Desktop/Laptop/Docking Station/External Hard Drive) both brand new and refurbished! So far as my knowledge goes, these deals will expire by this week end (1/28), so check them soon.

For those who need printers, I would again request you to use that Epson deal $12.99 Only! Otherwise, if you want to see some more offers, good news is that I'll update you with some more printer deals by the next Monday.

Till then Happy Weekend!


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