2. Submission Rules

As a member your responsibility includes helping our visitors to find price saving deals at a glance. Therefore, you are requested to check whether your suggested deals are intended to save money. We reserve the right to delete any account of a member for suggesting deal(s) that do not have any monetary benefit.

2.A) Content may not contain links to any website other than the website selling the product. You are allowed to place link only in the Destination URL or Link Code field(Except 'featured' section).

2.B) In general, Administrators reserve the right to list any deal under featured section. However, anybody can apply for listing deal/news/product reviews under featured section using Contact Us form.

2.C) Deals are approved on submit-first-approved-first basis. In case of Duplicate Deals, i.e. the same deal/coupon submitted by two or more members, the one submitted first will only be approved.

2.D) Deals submitted under inappropriate Category or Store, or deals communicating incorrect information, or deals that do not offer any reasonable price benefit will not be approved.


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