Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions

1. What is

It is a social shopping mall for daily listing of lowest price deals, coupons
and discount offers.

2. Who all can suggest deals?

He/she may be the store owner, eBay seller, dealer, or affiliate of any merchant.

3. Do you approve all deals?

No. Only genuine price saving deals are approved after a detailed scrutiny.
For more information, please check this.

4. Is it free to register?

As of today (February 6, 2008) it is absolutely free to register. However,
after analysis of feedbacks etc., we may impose membership charges for the newly
registered members. Members having a free account and with minimum level of
activity will continue to enjoy FREE membership!

5. How to find a price saving deal?

If you are the store owner, we would encourage you to allow some discounts
in the form of deals/coupons for our visitors. Besides, if you have an affiliate
account, please spend sometime searching for some deals from your merchants.
Most of the popular affiliate channel networks have utilities which will help
you to find great deals. Also you can subscribe to merchant's newsletter services
(usually FREE) for getting information well in advance. Further, we would strongly
recommend online shoppers to help others finding great deals by sharing it with
us here.

6. Do you deduct any amount from my earning?


7. Why do it take sometime to approve my deals?

It depends on our work load to approve deals.

8. How do I know what the visitors are looking for in this website?

You can check the section 'Recent Searches' to learn about what the potential
buyers are looking for in our website right now!

9. Do you have an affiliate program?


10. Where can I find banners to place in my website?

Banner Code:

<a href=""><img alt="e-Shopping Magazine - Deals, coupons and more." src="" title="e-Shopping Magazine - Deals, coupons and more." border="0" /></a>

11. Can I Edit or Delete any deal I have suggested?

No. You can obviously offer your comments against that item informing our readers
that the offer has expired, or any changes you would like notify.


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