General Submission Guideline

  • Monetary benefit
Anyone, even anonymous person, can suggest deals in However, only genuine price saving deals are approved. Therefore, you are requested to satisfy yourself with the monetary benefit of each deal you suggest.

  • Accurate information
Further, try to furnish as accurate information as is possible to help us making approval process fast.

  • Category/Store/Offer type
These are the mandatory fields. Please fill up these fields carefully.
  • Title
Deals should have a clear title which will indicate briefly what the item is and offer price.

  • Brief description
Deals should convey a short description explaining price benefit plus salient product features.

  • Full Description
This is an optional field where you are expected to provide detailed information about this deal, if necessary. You can also explain product features in this section.

  • Destination URL/Link Code
Please fill anyone of these two fields. DO NOT FILL BOTH OF THESE FIELDS, PLEASE. Destination url is any valid url - like:-
Link Code is the HTML code which will contain a valid link with some link text /small banner.
Though both of them serves the same purpose but we prefer destination url more than link code.

  • Coupon Code
If your deal has a coupon, please fill up this field with the code.

  • Expires On: (yyyy-mm-dd)
Please fill up this field to indicate when the deal will expire. Please take your time to examine the expiration date of deals/coupons from the original stores to save both of our time.
  • Image URL
A deal with image url sells better. So please do not forget to incorporate image url. If you do not have the permission to hotlink images, use any Image Hosting Server to upload product image and then use that image url in this field.


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