Printer, Handbags, Calenders and more deals

First of all, I would like to welcome one of our most active members Pamela for returning back to after quite sometime. New deals suggested by Pamela will definitely help our friends to save more money on purchase of calenders and pet supplies. For calenders, the offer looks lucrative - FREE Shipping plus 40% off on orders over $20. Presently these deals are listed against everything else. I have not added any new category for these product lines though. If I get few more stores, and frequent suggestions, I'll definitely dedicate separate categories.

I'm personally interested to find few more handbag deals and I think this FREE shipping offer is not bad considering the money you pay to purchase this bag. Also by the end of March 31, 2008 - one more great deal will expire. It is Epson Inkjet Printer PLUS Digital Camera for $12.99 Only. Listed nearly a month's back, this deal looks great for small/medium sized home offices.
Hopefully, you will find these deals useful.


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