Puppet.com Deals

Hello! Back after some days of interval. Actually spent some time in developing an interface that will help both visitors to find deals quickly, and our members to suggest deals faster. I have made few changes in the way deals were displayed against categories (558 till date), the submit deal form now does lots of post-submission-scrutiny including checking for dead links, or valid images etc. This will definitely help us to make approval processes faster. After all good deals expire so soon, so we just can't afford to waste too much time in approving deals.

Beside these coding jargons, I spent some time to edit CSS as well, now the gray-border surrounding the images are no more. It now looks, I think better.

I have also plan to add new features to our newsletter services. I am not in any kind of hurry, as a coder I believe, it really takes time to develop something useful.

Meanwhile, I have got few deals for those of you, who love puppets. Two offers are currently on - 1) 10% discount storewide , and 2) FREE Shipping at Puppet.com

Please visit FANCY-SHOPPE , and continue suggesting deals.


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