Hi! Again it took me quite sometime to come back since my last post here. Sorry. But unfortunately, it has never been an easy task considering the obstacles I have to face to keep my project going. I know it is immaterial to discuss here, still I feel it is necessary to justify my absence over past few weeks.

It was due to a malware that took a safe shelter inside my memory, and spread across our network of PCs silently. We could not locate any problem so far and so long we were off line. But Whenever we were connecting to internet, the machines would come to a standstill. We changed almost every imaginable devices attached to our PCs, but nothing could improve the situation. It was the worst attack I have seen so far in my nearly eight years long IT career.

It took quite sometime for us to detect the malware, and only after wasting valuable days besides software/hardware crashes including two damaged INTEL boards due to repeated abnormal termination.

Now everything seems to go fine with our entirely new setup, and hopefully, we will continue to cater the best deals in the web for our readers.

Sincere thanks for your co-operation.

Please continue to support us.

Thanks & Regards,


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