DEALS Expiring Within a Week or So - as on Jun 20, 2008

Hello! We have delivered our weekly newsletter announcing deals expiring within a week or so just in time. The web version is here! But I think reading this sitting within the comfort of your cozy inbox will definitely bring much pleasure for you. So why not spend few seconds for this free subscription? We do not have any plan to spam, or sell your email addresses in any case.

Next, we had an issue some with urls taking rather strange shape at - and good news is that we have resolved it completely. Incidentally, I read this thread at WebProWorld where most SEO-experts have recommended not to change Page Title. But we have no other option but to change title tag along with associated url of some pages. Those pages have been redirected properly. Hopefully, Google will pick up the changes within a fortnight or so.

And finally, where are your deals?
Here it is. Today our friend Seller35 has informed us about free shipping offers you get on Paul Frank The Apple Julius Scented T-Shirt NWT. Besides our regular updates are on. I'll come back tomorrow with lots of Swimsuits.


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