DEALS on Books and Magazines for Dads

Hi friends! I've published our free newsletter for this week which displays deals expiring within a week or so. It does not take long though to compose because of the script I wrote few
weeks back but for correcting few typos. Now let's take a look at whats' going
on at

Store Update!

I just missed to pick up a special offer from They are allowing $5.00 Off on select titles for Dads. Besides, has released a coupon to allow you save 10% off on prescription swimming googles. Extra 10% off offer is also being featured at While looking at JSM yesterday, I found fabulous deals going on and you can save up to 25% on all Specialty Bras This is exactly not a deal but LEGO offers new LEGO Indiana Jones SETS. Few computer deals from stores like CompUSA and TigerDirect are worth mentioning. Deals include Acer Aspire M3100 Refurbished Desktop PC @ $429, Yamaha DVX-C310SWBL DVD Home Theater System - $229, even 1GB SD Memory Card is available for less than six dollars. Actually if you take a look at the home page of, you can find all the recently added deals near the bottom. I'm planning to incorporate links to expiring deals, and latest deals from our stores (Group by Stores) at home page.

We have created our new blog at Yahoo! 360 and I'll not ask you to visit that page unless you already have a 360 Account.

Anybody can suggest deals at, we keep your link intact!
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