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In my previous coding session, I have added one new feature - and this is the third in a row after categorical RSS feeds and FREE Newsletter Services! Now our visitors will see option to subscribe to a feed when they find an expired deal. I find it pathetic to observe that search engines do pick up our pages - no complaint - but most of the time after the deal has expired!!! Nobody to put blame on, good deals do not last long! For example take a look at this page. The deal has expired but visitors can see the option to subscribe for RSS feeds. I think a big step forward towards developing sweet relationship with our visitors.
BTW, I have picked up few clothes and Ties for Men's from Sierra Trading Post! Let me know what do you think of it?

Finally, the last word - I highly expect (and respect) your suggestions. If you have any, suggest it here!


Mizé said...

Hi Nilz. I took the liberty to add your blog to my blogroll, hope it´s ok with you. Keep up the good work you´re doing. Cheers!

Nilz said...


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