The day, starting with accompanying my auntie to a State Hospital, ended up in a dramatic style. I'm coming to the full story.

First of all, my auntie is now well and Doctor has advised a further check-up on Friday!

Anyway, coming back home from hospital, I tried to make some changes in CSS stylesheet we have used for fancy-shoppe.com; and it took quite sometime. The day was ideal as I got one of my closest friends to guide me in picking colors! He does not belong to IT but must have a great sense of aesthetics! And here is fancy-shoppe.com in its all you look! What do you think of it?

While we were deeply involved in tweaking with CSS, someone else (IP, Domain etc. duly noted!) tried to hack our website, and that person was courteous enough for not doing any major damages but for tampering last few entries. We have resolved the issue, and hopefully it will not recur. Obviously, we backup our DB almost twice daily.

It all lead me to undertake non-stop check up to 3.00a.m., and again back in table at 6.30 a.m. for updating stores.

So, I'm sorry - as I could not draft this blog post in a better way, and hopefully you will not deprive me of your supports for this reason!


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