Getting Back To School - Are You Ready? - See My Saving Tools!

Are you ready to head
back to school? Or, just getting worried considering your that scaring
purchase list? The textbooks, clothes and shoes, may be a new lunchbox
- yeah! that old one does not put forward a great impression - the
shopping list is just too much.

But back to school shopping time is here to bring
delight in your face.

As fall approaches, the preparation for getting back to
school is on. Here goes the Tips to save more taking full advantage of
Back to School deals.

A recent visitor to this blog
asked me to incorporate deals from local retail chains like Walmart. Hi
there, Are you here today? I have actually started looking at Walmart
Back To College hotpicks. Giving the call to furnish (or pamper?) them
with comfort and style, I think the deals are good as you can get brand
new desks and chairs starting at $19.95 only, the lamp only for $8.88
(tripple eight!), and those laptops starting at $349 only. offers 20% Off plus free shipping on both School and College
products. I love these Club Dogs Pencils with giant erasors on top - just
remind me of my school days and those bargain sessions with my Dad (Lol.
Buy me this, or buy me that!).

pencil with erasor

And the sharpener for them, just shapes those pencils to


This is the magnetic bulletin board for fun and storing
memos like parent/teacher meeting dates!

In case that loose tooth comes out during class, open it
up and explore the secret tooth compartment. It also has a clip to hold
money and note - not safe for pocket money though. Parents may see your
secret account (Parents, do not read, please). I like its cute presence
more than the utility factor.

tooth compartment

This snowwhite pair from addidas will gear up your kids to get back to

addidas basketball shoes

And a sneak preview at eBay will simply put you inside the
world of wonders with over 6,000+ back-to-school live deals on Boy's,
Girl's and Women's Clothings. Some of the items come with free shipping
and special discount offers.

Where else can you find this gorgeous @ $2.95 with free

shreak folder

Also free shipping on these back to school basics?

For college goers, in case and only if necessary, search
for your favorite brand laptops at You may effectively
receive up to 40% discount on any one of the models shown below. (Please
do not put any extra burden on your parents!)

Toshiba SATELLITE P205D-S7802
AMD Athlon
HP Pavilion
Gateway  M9758

And for those textbooks search for the titles at Alibris. With over
60 million books - both new and used - in their collection, be sure
to find the one you are looking for. Alibris has also released bunch
of back to school coupons. So, your savings on textbook orders is guaranteed!

Biology Text Book
Beginning Algebra
Origin of Species
Baby Chronicles

So, THREE CHEERS for back to school deals.

Resources: Back to school deals
at Walmart,
, Alibris,
, eBay


Liz said...

How informative! I've got to say though, I'm always a little relieved when this back to school stuff starts that I'm out of the loop. Such chaos!

Annaura said...

Really impressed with your back to school saving tips.

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