Navigon 7100 GPS Reviews

Navigon 7100 GPS

Less than 1-inch thick, Navigon 7100 GPS features 4.3"
full-color Touch Screen display with intuitive menus, 2D and 3D map
views, voice guidance via Text to Speech spoken road names allowing
drivers to keep their eyes on the road with Turn-by-turn directions.
Though the pronounciation is little awakward at time still it works.
Bluetooth® technology enables hands-free mobile phone integration.
"Lane Assistant" recommends the optimal lane the driver should
be in relative to the route. It adjusts for your time zone automatically.
Moreover, their free traffic updates are awesome.

Above all, you will get cooperative customer service with
some decent free softward/map upgrades. Though the support staff may
take sometime in responding to your service calls depending upon their
workload but they provide useful information. Also battery life falls
short of its expectation, Navigon 7100 may need some improvement in
this regard. Users have raised questions regarding its POIs on the route,
which may pose some problem in getting to the spot quickly.

Despite these pros and cons, it seems to be a good GPS
unit in comparison to others in the industry.

Where to find the cheapest deal:

While it is available @ $287.77 only at, CompUSA
offers it @ $229.99* only (US) with $50 MIR plus you can save an extra
$20 using your PayPal Account. Thus final price comes down to $209.99
only plus one year warranty; rebate expires on 8/31/08.

it @CompUSA


Mizé said...

Hi Sid,
I´m not commenting he GPS, hope you don´t mind. I just wanted to say that you made alot of improvments in your blog since I last visited. I think it looks much better now, with a more professional look, congrats for that, and thanks for all your support.

Nilz said...

Thanks for your visit. I'm still learning and your honest review will inspire me a lot.

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