Gourmet Nuts - Perfect Personal Treats, or Gifts for Your Truest Love

When Stephanie (or may be Andy! not quite sure!) of Zenobia
Company told me about their $5 discounts on Gourmet Nuts,
I recalled a meeting at client's place few years ago - we were introduced
to our client for promoting their extraordinary innovative electronics
gadgets! We were served with dishes full of Cashews, and voilla, it dissapeared
within minutes of being served, and I was the culprit! Lol!

So apology to Mr. Jones (name changed) but I can't help it! These are
very much alluring. So here goes my top pick gourmet nuts.

These crisp, firm, meaty Indian cashews are always the connoisseur's
choice. Moreover, it melts in your mouth unlike the common 'colossal cashew'.
These are superb both as snack-nuts, recall my story, and food-ingredients.
Roasted and salted to perfection, it comes in elegant 1 lb. Gold Bags.


, named after John Macadam who first described the genus, is the
only plant food native to Australia that is produced and exported in any
significant quantity. These creamy and delicious nuts burst with an intense
flavor. Besides they have the highest amount of beneficial monosaturated
fats of any nut. So, highly nutritious, what you say? And these dry roasted
nuts will certainly satisfy the discerning palette.

These mammoth Pecans are roasted and salted to taste even
better keeping their natural buttery flavor intact. Eat it fresh or use
it in cooking, particularly in sweet desserts like pecan
and some savory dishes.

Mamoth Peacons

Turkish pistachios are rich in flavor and smaller than California-grown
pistachios; these feature a richer, more distinctive taste. Give yourself
a treat with these nuts, and you will have every reason to be amused!


These are the largest and tastiest available pistachios
from California; and you must have heard the brief and glorious journey
of California Pistachios . Harvested
its first commercial crop in 1976, the State is now the second largest
producer of pistachios in the world earning high accredition for adherence
to their strict quality measures. Zenobia Company keeps the entire processing
to a minimal for preserving the true flavor. Smell the box! Ummmy! Is
n't that?

california pistachios

And finally, check these extra large, plump, crunchy and
bursting with flavor authentic Virginia peanuts - known to be the best
in the world.


Now, few words about Zenobia Company:

Being a family company operating their business for more
than eighty years, they are offering Free Two-Day Shipping and Handling
on anysize order. Besides, they are currently running a $5 Off Coupon
good till 8/7/2008. Prices are reasonable and declared as final! Moreover,
you get your favorite gourmet foods wrapped inside a golden bag! Their
Gold Series are perfect as personal treat, or as a gift for your loved
ones. Learn about latest deals from Zenobia
Or take a break for the time being, and have
a nice time.


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