No more Check at eBay


eBay may implement changes in listing fees for Fixed Price Sales @35 cents for a Fixed Price Insertion Fee w/ 5 cents discount on special holiday listing times; Shipping Policies will also change with limits set on maximum shipping charges, free shipping , offered by eBay sellers, will give them free subtitle and also double PowerSeller discount. And we can see an end to Check/ Money Order Payments at eBay. Moreover, it is speculated that they might bring an end to eBay Auction.You can read the full story here!

Now, if it helps, few more free shipping offers.

Free Shipping on Orders of $50+ at VistaPrint

Free Shipping on Bed and Bath orders $79 or more 8/24-8/30 at

FREE Shipping Plus $50 Off! Zarafina Tea Maker, now $99.99.Offer ends
9.3.08. Linen-n-Things

Coming UP! Shh! It's a secret - (Part-II)


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