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wonderful saving tips.

This is the wonderful blog from one Southerner in Alabama. She loves garage sales and finding bargains. She never forgets to clip all the coupons in the Sunday ads.

PrintCoupons and Save! Enjoy free printable grocery, food, huggies & diapers,baby, and target coupons , printable retail store coupons and even free las vegas coupons!

Spoiling Moms with the hottest FREE Samples, Coupons and Money Saving Tips!

I always seem to get behind that person in the grocery store check-out line who's using coupons. ... Superb tips on using coupons! Must check.

If you happen to be shopping at Target for school supplies....A great blog sharing fabulous paper coupons.

This blog is a perfect blend of digital as well as Printable Coupons

For Saving Big Bulks on Baby Stuff!

Print them at home, save in the store.
Kena, a stay at home with my two daughters while running a graphic design business during their naps. She loves good deals and coupons, free shipping, samples, clearance items, secret sales, etc.

Being frugal is fabulous - Now saving a LOT of moneyafter figuring out how to use them the right way!

Country Buffet-Hometown Buffet-Restaurant Printable Coupons.

The blogger shares many deals she has found useful.

Finding the fun in coupon clipping, bargain hunting, and saving cents.

Learn how to get more for your money.

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Clippergirl56 said...

Thanks for listing me on your blog. I love saving money, but even more, I love helping others save money. I have saved your blog to my desktop.

Nilz said...

Thanks for the compliments. I'm confident our readers will find this list helpful.

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