Social Shopping - A Platform for Wise Shoppers

I have always believed in the concept of social shopping - it is a community of wise shoppers, who will share shopping/saving tips; in particular who will communicate and aggregate information about products, prices, and deals. So, fancy-shoppe is heading towards developing a social platform where from everybody will be benefited, either by sharing deals, or by grabbing those community recommended deals.

Our latest newsletter, communicating deals about to expire within a week, has just been published. I have finished few patchworks as well, including, allowing whitespaces in intro description. So, it is now possible for anyone to explain ongoing deals with more clarity; search module has been enhanced in respect of its layout; while the continuous process of informing you about the best deals is on, at the back office, I spend time in repairing patches and adding new functionality - not quite sure, what gives me more pleasure but I find both of them equally interesting. But the most interesting part has been interacting with you, my blogger friends, visiting your blogs and reading the comments!

Anyway, have a nice weekend ahead.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Nilz, I thought you were from India. Cool blog you have here. Thanks for dropping by at my Random Thoughts blog.

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