Defer Purchase, or Defer Payment?

Hi everybody! Wish you a happy weekend. Today I'll come up with deals in my basket from; you will be glad to know that now you can save 15% off on your $125+ Lawn and Garden products at Once again it is a limited time offer, so, you need to react
quickly. Here is the detail.

"NEWWORLD08"! What's it? Oh! This is the coupon code for saving 50% off at till 10/13/2008. Visit this page for More detail of this deal.

And finally a secret deal! has tied up with GE Financing, so, you can defer your payments up to 6 months at Here goes the detail. However, my honest advice has always been to be responsible while applying for credit purchases. Use deferred payment option only in case you can't defer your purchases for some reason.

More updates will follow. Have a nice day.


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