ACER Aspire Notebook AMD X2 Dual-Core, 3 GB DDR2 RAM, 160 GB HDD, Webcam w/ Vista - $480.00 Only LIMITED TIME OFFER

It is really great to go through the deals that are rather hard to find, and this one is the same. This Notebook from Acer Aspire has AMD64 X2 Dual-Core 1.9GHz processor - practically sufficient for all purposes with Wireless Connectivity. Plus it comes with 3GB DDR2 RAM - ensuring better processing speed, 160GB HDD space is really adequate even if you have planned to save some MP3/ Media files; screen size 14.1" WXGA is perfect for both presentation
purposes and portability. Obviously for desktop replacement - you would like to look for some larger screen size. Built-in Webcam just makes it the best choice for online communications - chatting, web conferences or simply to share dialogs in Video sharing blogs. Moreover, with Pre-loaded Vista Home Premium the model has every promise to perform even better.

The price is unbelievable in comparison to its INTEL counterpart - Only $480.00 + 1 year warranty!

The list price is, obviously, $500 USD but you can easily receive $20 Off using PayPal to make payment at check out. Thus the price goes down to $480.00 Only.


Learn more about this deal:

CompUSA offers ACER Aspire AMD Notebook @ $480.00 only (LIMITED Time Offer while supplies last!)


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