After all Snow Brum is not like those Wimpy Snow Brushes

It's snowing like crazy and the Christmas is approaching fast. It's the time to go slower, and bloggers are busy in sharing their excitements. Here's a beautiful snapshot from Matt and Lori 's blog!


And it’s never too cold to play fetch - that's what Mutt thinks. No confusion! My sinere acknowledgement to Mutt's owner - Lindsay Stordahl!


And here's a debate. The catchline - "Police responded to about 200 collisions from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.". And it's all due to snow covered slick roads in Calgary. Is it so? Here's the reactions: "SEVERAL people driving along chatting on their cellphones yesterday", and "All these accidents are avoidable but instead we get stuck with the bill.". Quite a hot debate.

And here's the Snow Brum, which is soft and sturdy. The long arm keeps you dry as you push heavy snow away. I challenge - You can't do that with typical wimpy snow brushes.

Oh! There's a $5 off code as well. Do not forget to use that. 

Take care!!! 


Lindsay said...

Thanks for the link! Happy New Year!

Nilz said...

No mention. I am honored to place that in my blog. And I'm glad to visit a blog like yours.

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