Laptop IBM T43 or Gateway T-6330U?

Two models that caught my notice today:

  1. Refurbished IBM ThinkPad T43 Notebook Intel Pentium 730 (1.6GHz), 512MB
    RAM, 40GB HDD, 14.1-inch TFT LCD $300 Only Free Ship at Till 12-19-08

  2. Refurbished Gateway T-6330U Notebook Intel Dual-Core 14.0-inch 3GB RAM,
    250GB HDD - $500 Only Shipping Free at Till 12-19-208

    As you can see both are refurbished and whereas ThinkPad has 512MB Memory,
    Gateway T-6330U features 3GB RAM. And storage capacity of ThinkPad (40GB)
    is appx. 20% of this Gateway Model (250GB). Both feature Appx. 14.1"
    TFT LCD Screen. However, Dual-Core processor of T43 is not my recommendation.
    Core 2 Duo definitely is much ahead in performance.

     Now take a look at the pricing: IBM ThinkPad T43 will cost $300 only and Gateway
    T-6330U will cost - $500. Obviously, an ongoing promotion of $10 instant rebate
    (No coupon, no Mail-in Rebate) applies on both. Reviews
    of T43
    suggests that it is a good choice if you are looking for a highly
    durable yet light laptop. But I quite agree with this cnet
    , Gateway T-6330U is a good choice for budget minded shoppers who
    need reasonable processing speed at an affordable price.

  3. Final note: Both are refurbished items but come with some soft of comforting

  4. Both deals are good at through 12/19/2008.

Resources: (1)IBM T43 Notebook (2) Gateway T-6330U

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