Play Music and Chat with Friends - Here's LG-MSB100 OEM Bluetooth bluetooth Stereo Phones

Updating deals and discovered this from the heap. I'm excited. Right product just at the right time. An affordable solution to play music and chat with friends. This portable speakerphone from (Model: LG MSB-100) can handle both phone calls and play streaming music wirelessly, and good for making hands-free calls in the car. The cnet editor's review suggests that you may not expect "rich stereo sound" but I've not figured out much negative feedback from buyers. In
fact, they are, rather, happy for its simple interface and good sound.

Regular Market Price: $40+

And even at it sells @ $45.99

Now through 1/1/09, coupon code " W-MSB100" will give instant $26 discount.

And shipping is free for U.S. & Canada order. So, I think it is a good pick. Here's the deal w/ coupon code!


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