Christmas was Great, And It Established Why Will You Visit Us

Christmas was great, a rewarding season giving us much reason to start afresh a happy NEW year in a more positive mind. We have achieved 56% Growth in terms of revenues in comparison to November 08 with 25.5% growth in traffic.

And thanks to those shoppers, who have expressed their trust for our recommendations. In fact our revenue picture would have looked brighter if we would take into account Ad revenues plus those Sales generated in respect of our members' Accounts. As a matter of policy we do not track those sales or any kind of revenue earned by our members as we offer 100% revenue share for them. We are tweaking on interface to boost up the conversion rate even better besides featuring the most sought after coupons from top rated stores. In fact we have already started indexing coupons for Valentine's Day!!!

So, I suppose our Shoppe is going to be the new destination for those, who want to save money while shopping online. It is admitted fact that we are nowhere near the big bullies playing in this market. But by means of our collective, consistent and sincere effort, we have developed the mechanism to discover fabulous deals and coupons from your favorite stores just to ensure
better utilization of your cash!!!

Is there any harm, if you spend two to three minutes in our website to grab a coupon code, which will in turn save up to 20 - 50% of your purchase?

The social project is also the destination for niche online storeowners, eBay, or etsy sellers as we offer a means to feature their products for free - subject to its qualification in our price benefit analysis. Our Shoppe is live for our small but very loyal customer base, and we are accountable to them at the day's end.

I would also like to inform you that our registration is free till date, and will remain so for all active accounts registered (vide Rules) within this period. So what are you waiting for? Come on, and give it a try!!!

If you shop online, you will find a SAVING Coupon here for products classified under six hundred categories; if you are the shop owner, discover the newest channel for generating more revenues without spending money in Advertising. And if you are looking for some real online income, start suggesting coupons from top rated stores today and take home !!!

So, once again...

Our Audience Why will you visit us?
Online Shoppers Pick up an instant saving coupon code of your favorite retail store, and receive fabulous discount! Also, watch our for Free Shipping PLUS Pay Later Options and save more!
Niche Store Owners - eBay, etsy Sellers Discover the free and all new Advertising Channel for your products. Boost up your SALES. We do not charge any amount for listing. But we expect you to offer discount for our visitors in return.
Online Money Making Opportunity Seekers: You are welcome to suggest coupons from renonwed stores and keep in your pocket 100% Revenues both in respect of Sales Commission and Ad Channels!

Let's make a happening 2009 together!

Visit us! Use our free coupons, save extra money & earn more! Let your life be full of glory in 2009.

Best Wishes From, Team!


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