Gateway Unnoticed

Unnoticed! Yet it's live! A live bargain at CompUSA! With 24 odd reviews, and most of the reviewers are excited. A quote from Jimmy Mc, "I have been in the business for over 25 years. $499 you can't beat this bang for your buck." 

I'm not in business for that long though, still, I did not find a better laptop bargain for you today; sorry, if it does not help. Anyway, a closer look - and that Dual Core - Umm! Limited Computational Speed! But there's a 4GB DDR2 RAM, which will compensate for that Core2 Duo processor. Unless you have Core2 Duo bias, like me, this laptop model is expected to give you a smooth running experience even for high-end software like Autocad. As such, there's everything you need - integrated - the Webcam, LAN, Modem etc. etc. 15.4" LCD Display should be a good fit for everyone - from grandfather to granddaughter! Hard drive space - 250GB- is literally enough. It rocks. 
A Core2 Duo model of identical configuration would cost you minimum $600+ - and that's also a bargain price. I talk only about bargains. Just a NOTICE, which must not be kept, unnoticed - this item is refurbished. Overall, as your first ever laptop, or as a replacement - Gateway M-7315U (Refurb.) is an affordable solution. Just make it sure to test all the features and functions, like - speakers, card readers, keys, webcam, modem and anything else, soon after it arrives as you will have hardly three months limited warranty on this model.
Happy bargains! 


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