Days in a Golden Beach

Greetings from! I guess some of you might have thought to spend outdoors inside the dome tent this weekend lighting a fire when the Sun goes down with marshmallows roasting over the open flames, and, with campfire songs playing in the background!

Unfortunately, right now, I do not have any travel plan - I would rather recall the moments I spent few weeks ago, pampering myself in a golden beach - toying with tides, screaming, jumping, rejuvenating, and, finally just lying on the wet sands with the Sun atop for moments uncountable! Joys unbound!

And for a perfect vacation time feeling, you might just like to consider a carefree swimsuit with cool colors and floral patterns.

Needless to say swimsuit prices are up during this time of the year reaching its peak. Why did not you get one during off season discounts? My recommendation - take a look at the closeouts - you might just get one of your favorite at an amazingly low price.

Happy Bargains!

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