But never mind! I was okay! I hope you are also going great in your own sphere! There is a lot of stuff for you waiting in my vault. Some of them will be featured in this blog during this month.

August 26th: National Dog Day
And BTW, for those - who have a dog, or, likely to have one shortly - this month is somehow special. August 26th is the National Dog Day. For crafts that coordinate with this event - you might check out Birthday in a Box, or, win a National Dog Day Poster at! The deadline is August 15th. May I request you to hurry up?
FetchDog: Travel Gear Deal
And even a better news from FetchDog - from now through August 4th, you will receive 20% off ALL Travel Gears for your Dogs from FetchDog, as claimed correctly - Fetchdog is a dog-centric universe. So, check out their catalog by August 4th.

Photo Credit: Animal Wallpaper!


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