Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

Since the moment of its official release, Snow Leopard has generated lots of curiosity. Twitter suggested 'snow leopard', being one of the top five trending topics, and, if you google for this keyphrase, ummm, it's all Apple & their new release, Snow Leopard in the top ten list.
Snow Leopard in short
In short, Snow Leopard is the latest version of Apple's Mac OS X upgrade, released only few days back. The reviews are mixed bag, however, most of the reviewers have acknowledged Snow Leopard's speediness.

Snow Leopard Price War
Snow Leopard has originally come up with a low upgrade price, only $29.00. And even before its official release, MacMall started to offer it for $24.00 only, which was $4.00 less than the price ($29.00) suggested by Apple itself. Within a week of this announcement, MacMall further informed that all Macs from MacMall would henceforth ship with Snow Leopard. From August 28th, Snow Leopard is also available at for the same price ($25) + free shipping. I'll continue to update all deals on Snow Leopard as soon as I get to know about any better deal.

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