Weekly Beauty Deal Round Up

Weekly Beauty Deal Round up

I read them loud. I read both so that everybody else can listen to what they have to say. I'm talking about those emails I received 3-days ago. One of them was from drugstore.com and the other one from Beauty.com.

New Customer Coupons
We all agreed. The new customer coupons for drugstore.com and Beauty.com will continue to rock even now. If you have never tried those stores before, you can still save up to $10 from both of these stores for your first ever order!

Drugstore Deals
We all took a close look at Drugstore deals. That 'buy 1, get 1 free' on De-luxe moisturizer was the unanimous selection. Idea is to stock up and save. Drugstore will also cut 10% off on Resveratrol, the anti aging supplement during this September.

Beauty.com Deals
Beauty.com has featured dozens of GWPs. You need to purchase something to get those free stuff. The offers look good if you were to purchase those 'must purchase' stuff. Otherwise, it does not make any sense to invest on something else to get those freebies. Any way, there is a $15 Gift Card on $75 or more orders. And you can also try some free samples at Beauty.com. You should click the link 'Get free sample' near the footer of Beauty.com website to check out the trial items.

Happy Shopping!


Miss T said...

Hello Nilz, thanks for sharing these beauty deals. I love free samples at beauty.com!

Siddhartha said...

Yeah! That's the win-win situation for both.

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