Blogging Awards - Awesome Site Award

Blogging Awards!
I know not how much they mean to my fellow bloggers, but it means a lot for me as this is a real time testimonial of the fact that there is at least someone who remembers and acknowledges your effort and particularly when it comes from a reputed blog like Life on a Southern Farm, it means something special to me! Thanks!

I also know not whether this will have any special meaning to my fellow bloggers but I would take this opportunity to pass this badge of honor to some of my favorite blogs with the wish that their valued reviews will help me towards improving the output of this blog.

  1. A Hesitant Wife's Blog
  2. My Country Home
  3. Retchel's Product Reviews, Thoughts and Ideas
  4. THAT MUTT: A Dog Blog
  5. The Long Journey of My Life
Have a nice time.


Lindsay said...

Thank you for the link.

hesitant wife said...

hi nilz! You definitely gave my day a good start with this award. thanks! Will post it as soon as I get home... in a few hours. thanks & good day too!

Petra said...


Mizé said...

Hi Nilz.
Thanks so much for this surprise and award. Your compliments made my day too. It´s a big honour and I will sure blog about it.
As you mentioned in your post it´s great to know someone cares for your blog.

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