Supports GREEN

In tune with our 'Support green movement', I'll share with you some
deals on Supplies for Gardeners.

Peony, 'Singing in the Rain'

Exciting ‘Singing in the Rain' Tree Peony Hybrid . It has wonderful fragranance, semi-double, 6" diameter blooms that won’t flop over every time it rains.

Living Wall Planter

This Stylish Indoor Living Wall Planter is a Dramatic Home Accent


Newest AeroGarden® Compact 3-Pod Elite Grows Larger Plants, Faster Than Ever!

Showy Bulbs

And this is the Perfect Stage for Showy Bulbs!

Teak Herb Planter

Looking for a green gift? Our Teak Herb Planter gift set gives them something to enjoy now, and something to look forward to in the spring.

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Obviously, you can extend your support by planting TREES or simply by changing your Home Lights!

Replacement for Incandescent Bulbs with CFLs or LEDs.

Cheap CFLs

And explore some CHEAP alternatives as well!

coupons will now accept Competitors' Coupons! Everyone is busy in giving you some EXTRA savings.

Once again, how about this Tulip?

Perennial Tulip Collection

Dutch Gardens has something to say on this Perennial Tulip Collection- no kidding, they are offering 15% Off!

So, are you ready to go green now?


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kml said...

Those are some neat ideas- I like the one on the wall above the couch.

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