RETRO APPAREL 40% OFF, And Some More Figures on November 2008 Performance

Glad to take my Mom back at home after a check up at Ortho Clinic. X-ray report reveals a minor injury at heel, but it will be cured within few weeks. Anyway, coming back I picked up some TinyDeals and good coupons for saving on Clothing, Gifts and Glassware & Tableware. One of this is worth sharing in this blog - and it is a "40% Off All Retro T-shirts for TWO Days only". The offer comes from Wolfgangs' Vault, and you need to use coupon code "JOY08" to receive this discount.

Besides, I would like to share with you some of the figures and particulars, which look somehow encouraging for us to be more dedicated with our project. In all we have shared a gross total of 596 deals during November 2008 - (despite my three - to - four days absence due to some personal difficulties) - from as many as 384 stores with a marginal increase in gross revenue. Also, we have observed 15.7% growth in traffic volume with bounce rate reduced by 13.3%, which is more inspiring! So shoppers have started to consider more useful.

We have also noticed quite a few number of shoppers are re-visiting us almost daily. Regarding deals, we have observed there is a growing demand for 'Buy Now Pay Later' offers. So, again to remind you, if you have a niche store - and willing to allow credits to your customers - here is a place where you can get a ready audience.



Jena Isle said...

Wow, you're into business full blast. Good luck for more earnings. Hspiappy blogging.

Jena Isle said...

That should read HAPPY BLOGGING. The keypads are attacking again. lol

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