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This is one of my favorite hunts - to look for deals on Dolls, Toys and More! Do you know when we started years back; I would feature mostly dolls and toys! Now this one is from Baby Catalog - the store currently featuring 20% - 40% discount on wide range of dolls. Actually this is the deal I found just few minutes back. But I had a plan to feature dolls today because of these.

Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers

Pokemon ShoPro Toy Plush

And these dolls come from a store, which I have, so far, never featured as one dedicated for dolls! It is PCMicroStore. And as the name suggests - you can find some good deal on Cables & Connectors plus accessories for entertainment products like MP3 Players, or Video Games. But dolls from this store - really I can't remind!
Anyway, thanks for re-visiting us!




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