TigerDirect.com Announces Free Shipping on Thirty Items

I have done some good work, good work by not repeating Gus the same question - how long the offer is valid?

Yes! I was amazed to see the list of thirty top brand LCD HDTVs and Monitors - all are good for FREE Shipping at TigerDirect. But to my surprise, I observed the items were selling fast - faster then you could have even guessed. And why not? Shipping charges on these products are
playing havoc these days! So, shoppers were keen to rush at it.

There's one more big coupon list from Compuvest Corp. - and it includes items like Web Camera, Keyboard & Mouse, and Some PS3 accessories. When you apply those coupons, you can save up to $5 - $10 on your orders. The best part of the offer is that they allow a legit validity time - and that is until 31/12/08. Obviously, story will be entirely different if supplies do not last that much long.

So, I believe - there's some real reason for you to be excited. Keep on visiting us.

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