Cooler Vest

It was my TWEET! She is IMPOSSIBLE! She means Kelly Josling, the owner of Fetch bouquet, has an event to share and talk about each WEEKEND. No deal - no business - it's simply her passion that has been the propelling force for fetch dog over the past seven years or so. It is her passion that gave birth to Fetch bouquet, a store, which gratifies your dog's every needs - apparels, collars, toys, and even the agility gears.

Besides, regular events at FetchDog allow dogs and owners to socialize... a big carnival for everyone.

In their this week's deal you will find this vest - and a quote as written in their website, "When it’s hot, a long tongue and a wet nose can only do so much. With one simple soak, this high-tech three-layer canine vest stores cooling water, pulls heat away from your dog, and accelerates evaporation for maximum comfort. "

This innovative design has received more positive feedback than the negative ones, and suggested for desert/furry dogs by long time pet owners.

Happy Bargains!


Happy Bargains.


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