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Next Class Laptops? - Oh! Sure! It will follow soon. But...

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The cooler vest, (more on pets next Sunday) was an eye-opener. I do a lot what@Shoemoney says, at least that's what i try to follow.


Over the past few months it was only coupons - few people loved it! But there were ups & downs in the feed burner stats, which suggests - oh! we know! u have a tank fully loaded with coupons, but, let us move on.

So, a make over! This make over - topics will vary as per our schedule (in the right pane)! But there will be less coupons, and some more talks.

The stuff in my daily use, or the stuff I'm curious about, or need to learn. Obviously, this will not override our mission! Our mission to fetch the least priced deal on ANY item TOGETHER. So, whatever you will find where, it is more likely to have a price advantage.
That's it.

I'll watch out the feed burner stats, if remained steady - I'll continue! Otherwise, I'll step back.


Now back to topic - given any other Monday, I would share a new laptop model - mostly under $500, or, $600! But this is not a laptop model but rather a laptop concept, the Next Class Laptop - a concept engineered by BestBuy! The underlying concept is interesting - give them what they want, and not what you have. BestBuy conducted a survey on college students. I presume, they must have done the sampling well. Topic was - 'the laptop they need' - it's design, computational speed, fancy getup, sizes, battery life - various parameters were considered. In their official website, they have quoted some feedback: "I want a laptop with longer battery life" etc. etc.
I just wonder with confident replies - it looks like the Next Gen is well aware of their choices - they told what would be the most convenient for them. They told not to make it a fancy item. It should be aesthetically pleasant, but must be durable. The college students seem to be more concerned with battery life. They wanted to have a battery, which should not require a recharge in between classes.
Now what BestBuy has re engineered in collaboration with laptop bullies like HP, Sony, Dell, and Toshiba is something like:
A model with 14" - 15" screen (fits in a backpack); state of the art computational speed; powerful battery, legitimate storage capacity enough for college students, stylish in design, pre-loaded with essential software like Office packages and Antivirus. And on top of everything the models are budget friendly, plus, there is the dependable deferred payment facilities at BestBuy. You can check BestBuy forum and other places in the Internet - feedback so far? - Um mm... looks sound.

Recommended models:

Dell Studio 1440-022B
HP Pavilion DV4-1465DX
Sony VGN-NW125J/T
Toshiba Satellite M505-S4940

Don't just get us wrong.
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