It’s a very strong emotion, it’s an emotion invoked by memories – memories of the past, might be a far away happenings, might just get faded off with layers of dust patch - the time! Might be that first date, graduation, or matrimony! It might involve events, which spanned for few days, may be few hours, or just few minutes! Sweet or bitter – this strong emotion is the only treasure in you cart, which nobody else can take away! Nobody! Absolutely none!

And the mementos too! Mementos are likely to be there forever – always live in the memories of the givers, and, under the safe custody of the receivers! That’s the goal of mementos; it kindles memories – the photos in your album, an ordinary pen, or sundry other stuff, which might not have any material value in this utilitarian world – but might bear a very special meaning for those, who can relate.

In early days – these were simply remembrances lacking any luxury, or, show-off factor. But things have changed a lot! And it is now those golden, or, diamonds jewelries; or fancy electronics gadgets; which have completely dispossessed those simple and intimate mementos like papers, wood, or, tin.

Gift guides have changed a lot! And so is this human society! But the emotions and values associated with any memento will always be the same.

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Femmepower said...

This is so true.I remember moments, not dates nor monetary values.I cherish the simplest things in life no matter how ancient those mementos may be(playing with childhood friends,school feats,bonding with family,etc). I don't remember the cost of the gifts I've given and received but I remember the delight caused by those gifts.

Mina said...

I always keep mementos, so it's like keeping good memories:) Thanks for dropping by in my blogand posting your comment. I really appreciate it.

Nilz said...

Hi Femmepower, those moments are really priceless for you, I know.

Mina, thanks for your visit. I have got the same habit. Just take them out of the closet any day, and, you are sure to have a ride on time machine on its reversed gear.

Keep visiting.

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