They do not know much

They do not know much – clueless about all etiquette! But they are the best communicator – they can break the barrier, there tiny hesitant moves can take anyone to the heaven – and when they smile, it creates a heaven in the earth!

The Smile, an everlasting smile, is the gift you can offer anyone. Gift all of them, whom you meet – daily, at your workplace, your neighbors, friends for sure – virtually anybody.

The return gift is a more pleasant, a rejuvenating smile.

Smile melts the ice, breaks the barrier – a full-hearted smile has immense power. One of my senior colleagues, when we first met, told me – “I just can’t laugh anymore after he had passed away!” It is sad – someone so special is no more with her. But she had to move on – for the sake of her daughters, the elder one had just completed graduation, and, the younger one was still reading at school. Since then, the things had started to change for her. And now, on the verge of her retirement, she has understood there are still few reasons left for her to smile.

Babies are so special – we say. They have their own medicines to cure you of all disorders! And it’s their smile. I can feel the different when I look at my 4+ something niece. Moms’, please do not disagree – you just can’t leave without him/her anymore. Nobody can live without them. They are so special – because they will offer you something, which nobody else can offer – a wonder smile! Pleasant! Innocent! And divine!

I have a plan to celebrate my niece’s the 5th birthday. It will be something very special for her, and, for us too. She is growing up – and we hope, another responsible citizen is growing up, and helping us to carry on our business, our day-to-day schedules! And often time, she has been the energy radiant.

5th Birthday will be something special for her - something special for me as well. I’m checking websites on birthday party ideas, favors, and what not. I just can’t afford to make any mistake.

We all do so because we might just want to give them their unclaimed return gifts for their unique gifts for all of us, which make our each day a big difference – their smiles!

Just planning for the ceremony.

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