Friends, I was absolutely NOWHERE! Over the past week it was a tough fight for me. My brother's wife was ill - a viral fever, and, it took a deadly form due to wrong diagnosis. She is now recovering fast and responding to treatments. Hopefully, she will be okay within few days. I hope you are all in good health. Thanks to those, who had visited this blog and posted comments during this time.

Now, I have few more deals for you this Sunday. It is for your pet - their grooming supplies. Only Natural Pet Store has a coupon "GROOMING" valid for this month for taking off 10%. The best part - no minimum order.
PetPerks Sale at PetSmart is now a big hit - they offer 25% instant discount.
For small dogs, "dogdays" is the code to be applied at Golly Gear to save 10% off ALL orders.
FetchDog has just updated their collection of new collars and leashes. You can see them simply for viewing pleasure, or, save extra 15% with an ongoing coupon CPA1015 (valid through 8/31).
And finally, if you want to make the National Dog Day (Aug 26), a very special occasion - why not try with the crafts at Birthday In A Box?
I wish, I'll be coming back tomorrow.
Take Care!


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