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She Needs Rest

She (my brother's wife) is okay. There is still a mild stomach-ache, she reports. But the doctor has said this is due to acidity. There is nothing really to worry. She will be fit within few days. She needs rest.

A Surprise Party
While she can take rest for a day or two, I can't. I do not need a rest. I am happy. I am happy that her fever is no more. And I'll be celebrating this great moment with my friends in the coming weekend. So, that will be a surprise party for EVERYONE.

It's a Secret
And I'm planning to treat them with delicious cookies. Cookies rock! The mouth watering look, fresh flavor, and, the taste! Simply great! I belong to those, whom you might call Cookie - Crazy! I love to take a bite or two from my niece's share in addition to what is allotted for me. It's a SECRET!

Top Five
As such there are now literally hundreds of different types of cookies ready for serving. Here goes my list of top five cookie flavor:

Chocolate Chip: A delicious blend of batter and chocolate.

Fortune Cookies: A sweet cookie with a customized message inside.

Sugar Cookies: Easiest to make and great treat for kids party.

Peanut butter cookie: Very popular among young children and adults as well.

Oatmeal cookie: Typically contain less fat than other cookies.

There are actually some other varieties which I like. This includes oreo cookies, oatmeal rasin cookies, chocolate cookies, and girl scout cookies, which contain a variety of sweet cookie flavors.

And I know, my friends are sure to enjoy this sweet delicious treat.

Cookie Coupon
Yeah! That's my primary job. Let me search for a while. There are stores like Cherry Moon Farms, Secret Spoon, or, my favorite - David's Cookies - where you will find free cookies, or, 15% discount during this August. For the first two stores in the row - there is no coupon. For David's Cookies, there is actually a code: "BACKLS", to get 15% off.

Take Care!


ModernMom said...

A truer statment was never said
"cookies rock". Love it!

Nilz said...

Thanks a lot!

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