Laptop for Kids

Kid at home

Our kid was at home. As such, this is the time she goes out with her grandfather. Not today. I returned home from my day joy. She offered me a gentle smile. She had all her DEMANDS indexed in her tiny brain cell. And she loves to share EVERYTHING with me. She has never hesitated to claim her share on my computers. She loves watching DVDs. It must be great for both if I could gift her a laptop. A kid's friendly laptop!

Laptop for Kids
I recalled I read somewhere a laptop for kids. As such this is a challenge from ACER! Kids will say what they need, and, ACER will engineer it. I read few reports. Most of them want it to be simple and loaded with GAMES. It must be portable with a better LCD display. Parents suggest to incorporate Freeware Games!

Laptop for You
While I'll let you know the final outcome, I found a laptop for you TODAY! Rather for your home office. The photo shows all desktops, and, there is one laptop on the shelf. You can find AMD desktops for as low as $220 appx. nowadays. For laptop, I have found a model under $600 with WIFI and Webcam. It has 15.6" Screen, INTEL Core2Duo 2.1GHz Processor, 4GB DDR2 Memory, 320GB HDD (Storage), V.92/WIFI/802.11a/802.11g/802.11n Connectivity, HDMI. You will also get pre-installed Vista Home Premium. As such it costs exactly $579.99 at TigerDirect, and, you have to pay only $1.99 Shipping Charge! When I first listed that Gateway laptop, there was NO REVIEW at all. You might know I handpick deals. So, I have to rely on reviews and ratings. Without any review - positive/negative - the decision was rather difficult. But I liked the configuration, and that luring $579.99 sale price. Now it has TWO POSITIVE reviews. I guess - those of you, who are looking for an advanced level laptop, this is just the perfect solution.

Take Care.


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