Missed Entry

I missed one entry. It was supposed to be on Home Gardening. I hope to feature it anytime later. Meanwhile, today is the day for clothing & shoes.

Just to remind - there are few more days left at Kmart to get free shipping on School Uniform orders; as such, this offer will be good through Saturday, 8/22.

ShoeBuy Promo Pair
And ShoeBuy runs TWO promo:
1. $20 off $50 with eBillMe Payment
2. $5 off $30 with Google Checkout.

Love Code
And the coupon code "LOVE" will SAVE 15% - 20% off at Lord & Taylor until 8/25.

Take Care.


Petula said...

Great deals. I need to get my son a few more uniforms.

Nilz said...

Thanks a lot. I've been working almost all the day long to pick up a deal for my friends. And I feel glad when I see comments like yours.


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