HP Bias

Our Geek

She is our geek TODAY. Watch out - she knows ALL operations right from the booting till turning off. Where is her Mom? Nowhere near the worktable! Mom trusts her. She takes over the control in her absence. Just kidding... But it is lovely to watch out cats in action, and, you can find more here.

My Bias
Cats are great! Always curious! It is a real pleasure watching them in action. They know the real entertainment art. Just might not be the same with dogs. Dogs are more serious and responsible friends. You may not expect something silly from them, which a cat does quite often. Apology! Apology! Apology! It is a clear CAT bias. But cats are so cute... I can't help...

HP Bias
Between dogs and cats, I'll vouch for cats for their silly gestures. And for the laptop also there is a subtle bias on my part. It is HP bias. Out of nearly ten odd models I have handpicked over the past one week, there are 3 - 4 models from HP alone. HP laptops come with that dependability factor without costing sky high. My top pick model this week is: HP DV6-1240US Notebook. It has Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 2.1GHz Processor, 4GB System Memory, 320GB Storage Capacity, Intel Graphics Accelerator, 16" Display, In-built Webcam, Plus, Vista Home Premium. Regular price is appx. $750, but now until 6/22, you can order it from Buy.com for $699.95 only. Buy.com offers free shipping on this Model.

So far as laptop is concerned, I just can't rely on anything silly, even if it is cheaper.

Take Care.

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