More Freebies from iRobot with Roomba 570, 562, 560, or, 500 Purchase

Free Replenish Kit

w/ Roomba 570, 562, or 500 series
Hi friend! Glad to see your heart-warming comments. Thanks for spending few minutes in this blog and sharing valuable inputs. BTW there's a deal from iRobot, the manufacturer of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, that I would like to share with you. iRobot will continue to offer a Free Replenish Kit worth $130 with Roomba 570 or 562 purchase, or, you can get a Free Replenish Kit worth $30 with any other 500 series model. These freebies will be available through October 16th.

What's inside the FREE kit
The free kits include few essential accessories for these robotic vacuum cleaners - like silver faceplate, virtual wall (Roomba 570 or 562 purchase required), different types of brushes, filters, cleaning tools etc.

Special 2-Day Sale
And for 2-Days only, i.e., today and tomorrow, you will get a Dirt Dog® Shop Sweeping Robot for $50 only (a $80 savings) with purchase of a Roomba® 560 Vacuum Cleaning Robot.

Free Shipping
And NEVER forget all iRobot orders over $59 will ship for free.

Happy Shopping!


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