17" Intel Notebook & The Gateway to SAVE More!

17" Intel Notebook

Hi friend! The weekend is over. And we are back in business. The ALL New & Big week should start with a brand new Notebook, this time it is a 17" Intel Based Notebook (Make: Gateway). Relax, have a cup of hot coffee, turn on your cell phone , and please read on.

Why a 17" Notebook?
A 17" Notebook is typically referred to as desktop replacement. You will have more space on screen. Larger screen area gives you better control over graphics works, you can work faster - just perfect for those, who are really loaded. Plus, 17" version is also great for gamers. But it is really heavy (13 lbs.). So, if portability is the thing you are looking for, you would better not go with this model. Otherwise, it is a perfect fit for everyday work.

Key Features
Key features of this Notebook model includes Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2.26GHz Processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB HDD, HDMI, and many more. In short, this Notebook model has an appreciable computing skill with a huge storage capacity.

Deals & Steals
For any 17" laptop of identical configuration, you could hardly find any model below $1300. But thanks to TigerDirect.com. There is a $300 instant rebate to slash down the price to $1000 only. Plus, you can save $30.00 extra choosing eBillMe payment option. Like PayPal or Google Checkout , eBillMe is a payment gateway, which is itself fast and secured. So, while you can give it a try, at the same time you can save an instant $30.00 off. So, total price with eBillMe payment is $970 only.

And to top it all, the shipping charge is only $1.99. So, $970 + $1.99 Shipping (Say, $2) = Total Price: $972 - and this is the lowest price I could find on any 17" Intel Notebook. Effectively, you can SAVE $330 instant!

Save Taxes
And there is really something more exciting. Under the new American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, taxpayers who buy PCs for their children in 2009 and 2010 can claim those Desktops, Notebooks, and Netbooks as qualified higher education expenses.

Happy Shopping!


TrustIAm said...

Thank you for stopping by n' leaving a comment on prayercandles.blogspot. Fancy Shoppe is impressive, I've booked marked it and am sending it on to friends.
God Bless...

Vicki said...

ROFL! Apparently I had one two many drinks (I have had a whopping two) I sat here forever thinking "what is burned on the stove???" oops. That is really interesting about the computers for students. Heck, by the time my kids are in higher ed, it will probably be required. Maybe even on the supply list in middle school lol

Nilz said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Glad to hear your kind words. And thanks for your patronage.


Nilz said...

Hi Vicki!

That's exactly what is going to happen unless some neo-computer devices come up as a better substitute for computers by that time. Who knows!

Super Amazing Savings said...

This really sounds like a great deal! I REALLY need a new laptop.

Nilz said...

Wow! It's my pleasure!

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